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Actually no.. quite on the contrary if any. If the farmer grows both cow corn and sweet corn, the way we did it was the sweet corn on the outside 3 or 4 or however many rows, and the cow corn on the inside. It made it easier to pick, and you didn't ruin any cow corn when you tried to harvest it, because the outside was sweet corn which had already been picked.

Additional Info.While it is very occasionally done, as both the answer above and one of the discussion points mention, it is only done in either way (outside or inside the field) on a very small portion of the field -- for the farm family's convenience. If you want high quality sweet corn, it must be planted in a location isolated from field (cow) corn, or any other type of corn, because the other corn's pollen will make the sweet corn kernels go "starchy". The best sweet corn (and what you buy in the can or frozen) is grown in a field all by itself for this reason.
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Who are the students in the farmers insurance commercials?

I think they are supposed to be people training to be Farmers insurance claim workers. Possibly during a field test.

What method of agriculture did Europeans use?

European agriculture varied greatly from that of Western societies. During medieval times European farmers used the technique of open-field planting to produce crops.

Why do farmers irrigate the fields before sowing seeds?

Because the water stimulates the seeds to grow. Planting the seeds in a dry field - would mean they simply lie dormant under the surface.

How big is a farmers field?


Do you have facts about farmers field?

They can be really big and they are owned by men called farmers and most of the time they use them to grow crops pretty much. I have seen some deer in a farmers field before. it russles the farmers jimmys.

What could cause rich soil to lose their nutrients?

ANSWER: Over use such as planting the same type of plant in the same plot of land year after year. That is why farmers rotate the crops they plant in a field from one year to the next.

Different types of farmers in India?

farmers r of different types like farmers who work in there own field or farmers who have labors to work for him

What has a pig?

farmers and they keep them in a enclosed field

Why do people plant field corn early?

Good question. I think it is mainly to attempt to get a higher yield or an earlier harvest, in spite of the fact that numerous studies have shown that this is, in fact, quite rare. In the US, farmers are also somewhat susceptible to a certain degree of peer pressure. As soon as one farmer in a neighborhood starts, then all his neighbors start getting "itchy" to follow suit. Then their neighbors start, then theirs, etc., until soon everyone in a given area is planting. This is something of a historical leftover from when the planting operation took four to six weeks to complete due to the use of horses and/or small tractors and equipment. US corn farmers are now generally able to complete their planting in about one week per farm, while field conditions allow.

Why are primed or enhanced seeds best for direct field planting?

Mandingo Moor

How can land slide affect people?

if a land slide occurs because of frost and surplus water coming of farmers field

How does gps help with planting crops?

A GPS helps with planting crops because you can follow exact coodrinates. A good GPS system will allow you to be accurate within 5 feet, and a great one within 5 inches. This allows you to plant, accurately, to maximum amount of crops without planting outside the specified area. A GPS also allows for less overlapping on passes through a field which saves a lot of diesel fuel and time for farmers.

Why do farmers plant trees around field?

I am not sure

Where does SouthPole clothing line get there cotton from?

farmers field

What is sewing your oats?

Actually the phrase is "sowing your oats" referring to the planting of oats in a field.

What was considered to be a man's work on a small colonial farm?

Planting and caring for field crops

What is plant tranplantation?

Planting the saplings from the nursury in to the field or pot is called plant transplantation.

Is farmer a collective noun?

There is no specific collective noun for farmers, in which case a noun suitable for the situation can be used, for example a cooperative of farmers, a family of farmers, a field of farmers, etc.

What is the collective noun for farmers?

There is no specific collective noun for farmers, in which case a noun suitable for the situation can be used, for example a cooperative of farmers, a family of farmers, a field of farmers, etc.

Why do farmers spray powdered calcium carbonate over their field?

Farmers use calcium carbonate to lowervthe pH.

Is the magnetic field inside the loop of wire stronger than the magnetic field outside the loop.?


What do you call it when a farmer leaves plant stalks in the field to stop erosion?

No-till farming: means that farmers leave all of the last crop's residue in the soil while planting the new crop.

How is a charged particle accelerated when the electric field inside the dees of a cyclotron is zero?

it is the magnetic field not the electric field which accelerates the ion inside the dees

Why if the same current flows in a wire coil and a single wire loop the magnetic field inside the coil is stronger than the field inside the loop?

why, if the same current flows in a wire coil and a single loop, the magnetic field inside the coil stronger than the field inside the loop

Was the three field system fair or corrupt?

The three field system was neither fair nor corrupt. It was not something that can be evaluated in terms of morality or ethics. The three field system was a system for crop rotation under which one third of the land was planted in a spring planting, one third was planted with different crops for in a fall planting, and one third was left fallow. It was more efficient than the previous two field system. It supported more people with the same land use. But it had no inherent fairness or corruption associated with it.