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There is nothing about parakeets' color that relates to their personality. It is how they are raised and tamed that matters!

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Q: Is it true that green parakeets are meaner than any other color of parakeets?
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Are green parakeets meaner than parakeets of any other color?

yes and no one of my green parakeets killed one ather and if you only have one bird its friendlyer

Is it true that green parakeets are meaner than any other color parakeet?

I'm not 100% sure but i have a bright green parakeet and it tends to fight for a mate more than blue or lavendar colored birds. So in a way yes but in another way they are as friendly as the others.

Do parakeets eat other parakeet?

Well parakeets don't eat other parakeets but they do eat the eggs that don't hatch. :/

Do parakeets interact with other birds?

yes parakeets can interact with each other in a special

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Do the parakeets rather be alone or with other parakeets?

The parakeets would much rather be with other parakeets, THEY ARE FLOCK BIRDS!!! However, if you have more than one parakeet, they will not bond to you because they are bonding to the other parakeets. The reason that parakeets bond so well is that they are flock birds and so if you make yourself part of their flock, they will bond very well. But if you are wondering what would make them happy, they would much rather be with other parakeets. A good parakeet site is

Do parakeets fight other parakeets?

sometimes they might fight because they get angry or mad at the other bird it is fighting with

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Will two boy parakeets be safe together?

No male parakeets often fight with each other.

Why is your parakeet violent toward other parakeets?

Parakeets can be violent to each other to see who is stronger. That's pretty much what i know.

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