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Yes, apparently it's a "Junkie trick" not to shower so they can't sweat out the Heroin.

Biochemically it doesn't work toward any higher high though.


It would only be a "junkie trick" for the most uninformed of all junkies, and because junkies have to be able to manage their own addiction and their own detox many of the times, most junkies become fairly knowledgeable about heroin fairly fast.

The reason that many junkies don't shower often is because of the same reason that many alcoholics don't shower often, or many pill addicts don't shower often, etc. The addiction itself is a full time job. When they aren't busy trying to find the money for their addiction, they are busy obtaining the substance, or are busy using it or busy being intoxicated on it, or busy sleeping it off, or busy being sick from not having it.

However, lifestyle circumstances stemming from addiction can also lead to not having facilities to shower.

Many heroin addicts will sweat profusely when needing another dose, and this can give a person who showers daily a "dirty look".

This isn't true. I was a former daily IV heroin user for a year, and I always showered twice daily, simply because I did this prior to using heroin, and didn't see why daily heroin use had to interfere with personal hygiene

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Q: Is it true that heroin users do not shower so their pores stay dirty and the buzz will last longer?
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