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yes u can get a dragon amulet by taking that quest .........

and i can prove it 2 u all ......

becus i get my dragon amulet when i fininsh the quest...............


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You cant actually you cant get a dragon amulet for free. There is no way the DragonFable staff would create a way to get a dragon amulet for free especially not battling the doom kitten 200 time if you want to waste your time killing it 200 times and find out for your self be my guest.........

If you beat doom kitten 400 times u will get a dragon amulet i herd abt it and did it and i even got 1 be sure to keep track somethimes it works on 200 times

No this is just a rumor sorry for whoever asked this question

after you get the dragon egg from the sneevils dump site, go to warlic (use travel in falconreach) and do his dragon quests. after about 6-8 quests you will have to fight the doom kitten.

The doom kitten can be accessed during the Dragon Egg chain. To access this monster, you need to talk to warlic and either start the quest or just click on the right one.

Easy, just throw an ocelot at it.

Doom kitten is in one of warlic's quests EDIT 1: Doomkitten is the "creature that eats dragon eggs" that you have to summon to find which of the four eggs are the dragon egg. Hence Doomkitten is summoned and then killed before it can eat the egg.

Shoot out the stones in that are conducting the lightning to Bonegrinder, then he as week as a kitten.

To kill the doomkitten on Dragonfable, you need to do/get a few things. First of all, you need to complete the Drgonegg quest chain that leads up to this quest. Second of all, you need a good, strong, light weapons to kill this kitten of mass destruction.

Depending on the level you are, it normally takes 5 minutes to beat 1. So 400 x 5 = 2000, so 2000 minutes to defeat 400 doom kittens.

As you go along the dragon egg quest ,you will have to summon a "creature that eats dragon eggs" then kill it before it can eat the egg. Hence, Doomkitten is summoned to find the real egg.

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