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The age of majority in TX is 18, so until you turn 18 your parents have the right to decide where you live, unless you

2006-07-31 04:52:53
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Can the cops do anything if you move out at age 17 but you move in with an aunt in Texas?

Yes, the police can do something. They can return you to your parents.

Is it true that in Texas 17 year olds can leave their parent's house and the parents can not do anything to them or make them return to their home?

No, that is not true. Until you are an adult, the parents determine where the minor lives.

What can your parents do to you if your 16 and run away in the state of Texas?

They can report you as missing to the police. They will look for you and return you to your parents.

If a 17-year-old moves out can the parents forceably make them return home?

Yes, I believe this is the case across the U.S., except possibly Texas. Apparently in Texas the police will not force 17-year-olds to return to their parents. Another option is to get legally emancipated by a court.

If you move out at 17 years old is there anything your parents can do about it?

In most places your parents can call the police, have you picked up as a runaway, and force you to return home. In a few states, such as Texas, a 17-year-old won't generally be returned by force if they are able to take care of themselves.

What age is considered a runaway in Texas?

{| |- | Anything under the age of majority. That is 18 in the state of Texas. Prior to that, the parents are responsible for the child's welfare. |}

Can the police do anything when someone whats to move out of there parents house at the age of 17 and are emotionally depressed because of the parents depriving her of any contact to the out side worl?

Depends what state your in. Texas they can't do anything about it.

If a 17-year-old girl in Texas wants to move out of her parents' house but is in her senior year of high school can her parents do anything about it such as take her out of her current high school?

Her parents can't do anything about it it is her choice and if she still goes to school then it doesn't matter

Can you return a car in Texas?


Can you move out before your 17 in Texas?

Under Texas law the police can not take a 17 year old into custody and return them to their parents. BUT anyone they move in with can be charged with harboring a runaway (except certain family members).

You are 18 and you want to move out can your mom say or do anything?

In the State of texas, when you are 17 you are legal to move out of your parents home. But your parents are still responsible for you going to school. It's a gray area still.

What do you do if you are 19 and your parents FORCED you to leave Canada and move to Texas you had NO choice and they wont let you go anywhere now that you are here in Texas what do you do?

Your parents can't legally make you do anything in the US if you are over 18. You could move anywhere if you wish. Of course, you will need some money and if you have none or not enough, that's why you stay with your parents.

Can a sixteen year old move out of parents home with parents permission in Texas?

As long as they have permission of their parents they can in Texas. Otherwise they have to wait until they are an adult.

Do you have to file state tax return in Texas?

Texas does not have a state income tax.

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In Texas if a minor is charged with a drug charge will anything happen to the parents or guardian?

Here we have to see if the parents or the guardian , were taking any part in the child's drug possession. They should not be punished for someones mistake.

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Can a 17-year-old move out of her parents' house in Louisiana without parental consent and move in with her fiance in Texas and not be forced to return home by the authorities?

You can

Do Texas eat nuts?

Texas is a state, it does not eat anything.

Where beyonce's parents from?

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Are the children responsible for burial and debt for parents in Texas?

The children are not directly responsible for burial costs and debts in Texas. The estate is responsible to settle all the debts. Until these have been paid, the children are not entitled to receive anything.

Can you legally move out in Texas at 16?

If you have the permission of the parents. Until you are an adult, 18 in Texas, your parents are responsible for you. That includes determining where you live.

What is the legal age to leave a parents home without consent in Texas?

The age of majority, which is 18 in Texas. Until then the parents are responsible.

When can you legally move out of your parents house in Texas?

You are considered an adult at 18 in Texas.

In Texas what can a parents do if their 17 year old moves out against their wishes?

They can inform the authorities. They will return the child to the home. If the child won't stay at home they can be put in a foster home or institution.