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The legal age of majority in Texas is 18. If a minor leaves the family home against the wishes of the parent(s) the parent(s) can file an absentee minor report with the authorities. Then they can file a request with the court for an order to have the minor returned to their custody. The local police are then notified of the order will attemp to find the juvenile if the do, they will return the minor to the custody of the parents or to a juvenile facility to await a court hearing. Texas like many states has a stipulation contained in the juvenile code that refers to a person who is seventeen being an "adult", this law pertains to court proceedings only. It indicates when someone who is at least seventeen can be prosecuted under adult statutes. It also gives a judge the option of declaring a seventeen years old as being emancipated w/o the usual legal procedures having to be followed. It does not supercede the legal age of majority which is indeed 18.

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Q: Is it true that in Texas you can leave home at 17 without worry of the cops coming to get you if you are attending school and if so why does the Capitol website say opposite?
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