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Is it true that it's over between two ex's when there's silence between them but not really over if they call each other?

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September 13, 2011 3:14AM

no i don't think that's true because i talk to alot of my exes but don't have feelings for them if yall are still talking ask him if he still likes you and if he lies you will be able to tell


Nope, that's no true. My summer romance and I, we never really had an official beginning or an official ending, but we never anymore. We'd stare at each other -- longing stares and such, but we would never talk. Once every three months we'd call just once, but our conversations were about five seconds long, but his co-workers, friends, my friends -- they can all tell we're not officially over. And I talk to most of my exes all the time -- we don't like each other though.