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No, but there may be a historical basis for the claim. German soldiers who became prisoners of the Russians were very poorly treated and had fairly low chances of survival. In particular, of the 91,000 Germans captured at Stalingrad, fewer than 1,000 survived their imprisonment to return home.

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Q: Is it true that most German soldiers were not allowed to return to their homes but were killed instead?
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How many German soldiers were killed by Polish soldiers in World War 2?

16,000 German soldiers were killed in the invasion of Poland.

How many German soldiers were killed during World War 2?

5.53 Million German Soldiers were reportedly to be killed during World War 2.

Where soldiers forced to follow Hitler?

yes if they were German soldiers and normal menor they were killed

Who killed Jose Rizal?

Literally Rizal was killed by Filipino soldiers! Lower rank soldiers who were the Filipino soldiers killed him because if they won't, higher ranking Spanish soldiers who were at their back will shoot them instead.

How many German generals killed men?

German Generals Were just like German Soldiers. They killed and fought in the war just like everybody else.

How many German soldiers were killed in World War 1?


How many soldiers killed in ww1 in Germany?

1,808, 000 Germans were killed in 4 years. (the length of time ww1) More German soldiers were killed than any other nation

How many Germans were killed in Germany during World War 1?

about 9 million German soldiers were killed

How many German armed soldiers were killed during world war 2?

22,256,500 German Soldiers were killed during world war 2. 2,778,000 Waffen SS Soldiers were killed during world war 2. So atleast 25 million Soldiers of Nazi Germany were killed during world war 2.

How many German's soldiers died in World War 2?

About 5 million German Soldiers were killed during WW2.

How many people died in the Battle of the Bulge?

39,000: 19,000 American soldiers and 20,000 German soldiers were killed at the Battle of The Bulge.

How many German soldiers served in the German army at the end of world war 1?

It would be hard to say how many soldiers were fighting for Germany in the last days of World War One. However I can tell you that according to the book, About the Great War (by Michael E. Hanlon, El Sobrante, CA, THC Publishing, 1992) 1,808,000 German soldiers were killed in WW1. According to the Treaty of Versaille, Germany was only allowed to have a defense force of 100,000 soldiers.

What did the German soldiers do to the Jewish people?

The German soldiers would have the Jewish people stand in a line and make them undress and get shot in the back and killed either that or they would put them in a gas chamber.

How was German soldiers life like during World War 2?

awesome. they killed a lot of jews. they should have killed more, but they still killed a lot.

How much died in d day?

Around 17,500 were killed during D-Day. 7,500 were German Soldiers and 10,000 were Allied soldiers.

How many people were killed by the Germans?

1.5 children were murdered by German Soldiers and their collaborators during the holocaust.

How did the Soviet Union kill the 6th army in the Battle of Stalingrad?

All the german soldiers were killed like rats

Was Douglas haig a good leader?

This is a subject which has caused a lot of controversy over the years .He ignored the advice to change the tactics, he sent millions of shells over to the German trenches thinking it would kill all the soldiers but the German spy planes saw what he was doing and the German soldiers dug really deep trenches and Haig sent the british soldiers over with just walking sticks not riffels and over 900 british soldiers were killed in half an hour but no German soldiers were killed. The oly good point about Douglas Haig is that he won the war and wore the German soldiers down.However in haig's defence his idea to tire the German front line was successful as in a German army record it said - 'we were exhausted etc.'Haig was only trying to do his best for his King and his country. To win the war

What do they do in the Holocaust camps?

In the late 1930s and the 1940s, the German SS soldiers killed millions of Jewish people in the holocaust camps.

What happened to the German soldiers who tried to conquer Russia?

Nazi invaders lost the war against the Soviet Union. They were killed.

How many German soldiers were killed in World War I?

about 30,00 German soldiers were killed in world war one

How many German solders died in world war 2?

Around 5 million German soldiers were killed. This was around 7% of the general population that died. The majority of German military deaths were KIA.

How were most children killed during the holocaust?

Most[Jewish] children were found hiding by German Soldiers and were ether shot or prosecuted

How many Indian soldiers died in world war 2?

Though, there's a varying estimate of Indian soldiers killed during World War 2, but official estimate is 36000 soldiers, mostly killed in Europe, Northern Africa against German Forces and in Burma against Japanese Army.

What is the meaning of fallen soldiers?

Fallen soldiers are soldiers who are killed in battle.