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No, but it is almost exclusively a male condition.


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It is not true that color blindness is most common in females. Color blindness is most common in males and approximately 8 percent of men have it.

Carrots Unfortunately there is no true cure for color blindness. However, the ColorCorrection System was designed to enhance one's Color Blindness and allow one to pass an Ishihara Color Plate Test. The ColorCorrection System has a 100% Success Rate and 100% Guarantee for Passing the Ishihara Color Plate Test.

No. Although it is true that mostly males have autism, many females have it too.

Color blindness is a sex-linked trait carried by the X chromosome. Males have an X and a Y chromosome (XY) and females have two X chromosomes (XX). If a female has an allele for normal vision and an allele for colorblindness, she will have normal vision. This is because normal vision is dominant over colorblindness, which is the recessive trait. However, a male only has one X chromosome, so if he receives an allele for colorblindness, he will be colorblind. This is also true for normal vision.

no it is not true that only people can see in color. horses and animals like tigers can see in color.

There's no true answer; females and males are both great. I have only had experience with female hamsters and they are lovely but males are lovely too. For the true answer, it's your opinion.

no it is not true! one of my cousins her name s pam she is color blind no it is not true! one of my cousins her name s pam she is color blind

NO! one color cats are also female!

The true fact is that kangaroos are born with pouches (only the females not the males)Yes.

False and true. It depends on how much males and females pay attention.

The sun true color is white.

Yes, it is true that male and female can both be carriers. But this is a trick question because it is true but not in humans. Male seahorses are the only males that can get pregnant.

There are a couple of different kinds of color blindness. The condition usually happens because of a defect in the mechanism that makes one or more of the pigments in the eye that allow the eye to respond differently to different wavelengths of light.The two most common types are "red-green" color blindness (the most common; such people have trouble distinguishing between red, orange, yellow, and green) and "blue-yellow" color blindness (people who have trouble distinguishing between blue and green and between red and yellow). Depending on the exact genetic defect involved, this can range from a complete inability to distinguish between the colors, or varying degrees of difficulty in doing so.Much rarer is true color blindness, where the person cannot see any colors at all and everything appears as shades of gray.

The true color of Mercury is mostly gray.

True color is more clear and colorful.

Only some men,not all,because puberty is a natural thing.

only the clear ones, sorry.Not true, a great example is Alexandrite

true, that females are more likely than males to have anorexia.

it really depends on who you are asking. But the real answer is no. White is not a true color.

Actually the opposite is true. Uncircumcised males have a higher chance of contracting HIV.

Yes, and in fact, in North America, the majority of straight males like gay people. The same is likely true for many other countries.Only homophobes don't like gay people.

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