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No, but it is almost exclusively a male condition.

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Q: Is it true that only males have color blindness?
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Which is NOT true of color blindness?

It is not true that color blindness is most common in females. Color blindness is most common in males and approximately 8 percent of men have it.

What statement is true about recessive sex-linked traits such as color blindness?

These are the answer. help ASAP

The family tree below shows the trait of color blindness. The only unknown is the mother in the first generation. What must be true about the mother?

She is a carrier for color blindness. *apex*

What must be true about the father?

he is color-blind

Color blindness is a sex-linked trait that is carried on the X chromosome If a boy is born color-blind what would have to be true?

His mother has the gene for color-blindness.

A family tree below shows the trait of color blindness the only unknown is the father and the first-generation what must be true about the father?

He is color-blind

How do you get rid of color blindness?

Carrots Unfortunately there is no true cure for color blindness. However, the ColorCorrection System was designed to enhance one's Color Blindness and allow one to pass an Ishihara Color Plate Test. The ColorCorrection System has a 100% Success Rate and 100% Guarantee for Passing the Ishihara Color Plate Test.

Do only males have autism?

No. Although it is true that mostly males have autism, many females have it too.

Is it true that humans are the only animals that can see in color?

no it is not true that only people can see in color. horses and animals like tigers can see in color.

Why do you rarely find women suffering from red and green color blindness?

Color blindness is a sex-linked trait carried by the X chromosome. Males have an X and a Y chromosome (XY) and females have two X chromosomes (XX). If a female has an allele for normal vision and an allele for colorblindness, she will have normal vision. This is because normal vision is dominant over colorblindness, which is the recessive trait. However, a male only has one X chromosome, so if he receives an allele for colorblindness, he will be colorblind. This is also true for normal vision.

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