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At the beginning it's possible, mainly because overweight people are getting the extra exercise of moving around the mounds of fat. Unfortunately, after we loose some of the extra weight it starts to get more difficult, partially because the body goes into "famine" mode, meaning that we start to protect our calories since the body is starting to prepare for famine, and partially because we start to loose muscle mass along with the fat. That's why severe diets aren't good for you. You need to make sure you have enough protein to let you keep your muscle mass and exercise to burn the calories. Any other program doesn't work.

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Average heart rate for an overweight person that walked a mile?

what is the average heart rate of an overweight person

Can fat people swim faster then otters?

Can the overweight person swim? It also depends on where there swimming to. Mind you I think people big or small people have better things to do with there time.

Does obesity make people depressed?

It can make overweight people depressed, since some people tend to make fun of other overweight people. This doesn't mean every overweight person is depressed.

What is the difference between obesity and overweight people?

The difference between an obese person and an overweight person is that an overweight person usually weighs less than an obese person but still needs to lose weight usually somewhere between 20-40lbs of weight.

Is 250 pounds an average weight for a person who is 5' 9?


Would a collarbone tattoo look okay on an overweight person?

not a chance! most tattoo's don't look ok on overweight people

Will you run faster if you lose weight?

To some extent, a person with less excess weight (someone who is not overweight or obese) will run somewhat faster. Beyond that, a person at a normal body weight should not strive to lose weight as it reall will not make them move much faster.

Is it bad to be overweight?

Being overweight brings harzards to the person's health. Underage heart attacks are the more common death threath to overweight people. Diebetes is a condition that being overweight could bring to the person which brings more problems to the person. Extremities amputations is a common fact in these cases.

Is it fun to be overweight?

It depends why the person is overweight and the circumstances. For the average person it is not. You would get all the stares, all the advice on how to lose weight, condescending comments, bullying, name-calling, and people feeling sorry for you like they are better than you. Now, if you were living in a culture where larger people are treated better, or you actually want to be obese for some reason, then it might be fun for you. But for most people, it is not fun.

Do overweight people have more muscle than skinny people do?

Depends on how much they move about. An overweight person who doesn't move about hasn't got much reason to develop any muscles. But an overweight who keeps active can have a fair amount of muscles in there.

What body mass index is a person overweight?

A BMI of over 24.9 indicates that a person is overweight.

Are overweight people more likely to get sick?

Being overweight carries an increased risk factor in several diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart disease. Being overweight does not guarantee that the person will get sick more often than someone who is not overweight.

Are overweight people clever?

Intelligence is not defined by a persons weight, so it depends on the person.

Are you overweight if you are 11 and 5'2' and weigh 102?

No. All in all, the average person of 5'2 is about100 to 110.

What is the life span of a Overweight person?

Not that different to average but cancer may be increased as will heart conditions. :D Depending on which country the average life span is. :DDDDDDDDD

How many pounds of fat does the average person carry around their stomach?

The answer to this question is never certain. First, what is average? If an average person is a normal sized person, then the fat is probably little. However, if we're talking about the national average, which is overweight, the fat around the stomach would be much greater.

Why motor speed reduces on load?

Well, think of it like comparing a healthy and fit person to an overweight person. The fit person can run faster because they have less grease and weight on them. The overweight person can't run as fast because there is weight holding back the maximum kinetic energy and sludge prevents jounts and rotators from working correctly.

How much blood does a person have who is overweight?

The overweight person have got the same amount of blood. That is five liters in his body. Overweight person has got extra fat in his body, some times extra muscles.

How do people become overweight?

Technically, an overweight person becomes a fat, or obese, person. An overweight persons metabolism is kinda screwed up, and does things like making a 200 calorie snack a 400 calorie snack. And because an overweight person usually doesn't get much excercize, the calories become heavy, big, fat cells, creatin extra weight and excess fat.

What does a fat dog look like?

Just like an overweight person its really sad and I have never had a overweight dog,people just need to learn how to feed their animals.

What is the average weight for a 5' 1 11-year-old boy and if he weighs 111 pounds is he overweight?

A male that is 5 feet 1 inch tall has an average weight of 112 pounds. Weighing 111 pounds would mean this person is about average and not overweight.

Can a 24 year old boy run faster than a 24 year old girl?

That depends on the individual, not the gender. The person training as a runner will beat the non-runner. The overweight person will lose to the fit person.

What is the average weight of obesity threatened people?

Weight loss counseling is a respectable job to have. This position takes a lot of work and patience. A person who is concidered obese is typically 50 - 100 pounds overweight.

Do dogs age faster than people?

Dogs age faster than people. A dog born at about the same time as a person would be elderly before the person was an adult.

What is the average score of health ratings in Europe?

What kind of health rating are you looking for? If you're looking for weight ratings, the average person living in Europe is overweight. The system used for this is the body mass index and doesn't work with people who are very muscular or are disproportional.

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