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No it is not true. The only sure way to pass a drug test is to stay away from drugs. If you do not feel that you can stop doing drugs long enough to pass a drug test then you should consider treatment.

*If he knew to stay away from drugs he would that is the most simple answer one could give, anyways I would suggest detox cleanse like stinger, or Qcarbo it's 50/50 but it might work there are other solutions try looking online or helped me!

First off/ the first guy is stupid. If WE could stay away from drugs long enough to pass a drug test we wouldn't be askin for answers on how to pass a drug test...

second off it really depends on what kind of test it is. if its a work test they usually have store bought tests. unlesss its a high end business (wich a stoner wouldn't be lookin for a high end job jk) so pickle juice might temporally dilute it long enough to pass the test. usuall between 4-6 hours Drink lots of fluids and urinate at least 20 times before your test. If its a lab test. DONT drinks lots of fluid. but still stay hydrated. eat normally and urinate normally. if its a mouth swab test your good it only last 3 days in your mouth. mouth wash/teeth brushing/ 2Beers. trust me.

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Q: Is it true that pickle juice can sway a drug test?
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Can pickle juice allow you to pass a drug test?


Does pickle juice help for a clean drug test?

Yes it does! There is an acid in the juice that cleans your urine.

Does drinking pickle juice right before a drug test work?

this can't help you to pass a urine test

What is the best way to clean your system before a drug test in 2 hours?

ALOTT ! of cranberry juice. and pickle juice

How do you pass a drug urine test fast?

Drink alot of pickle juice! Seriously, it helps.

If you drank cranberry juice pickle juice and vinegar and used a expired ready clean from 2005 and drank plenty of water and you smoked on feb16 and you have a drug test feb29 will you be clean?

If you drank cranberry juice pickle juice and vinegar and used a expired ready clean from 2005 and drank plenty of water and you smoked on feb16 and you have a drug test feb29 will you be clean?"

How do you clean out THC for drug test?

One popular answer is to drink an 8 oz glass of pickle juice 24 hrs before the test.

Can pickle do the trick for a drug test?

Yes, for two months prior to your drug test, instead of doing drugs, eat a pickle. You'll pass your test. Shave your head if it is a hair test.

How much pickle juice does it take to get weed out your system?

It takes approximately 5 gallons of pickle juice to get weed out of your system you will pass a drug test I didn't believe it so I tried it and it worked I drank 6 and a half gallons.. good luck :)

Can pickle juice interfere with drug test?

No but if you eat catshit,mayonaise,crystal meth,cocaine,salvia,lsd,marijuana,and crack cocaine youll definfetly pass it

Does drinking pickle juice help you pass urine thc test?


How many hrs will i have to past the test after taking the recipe?

if you smoke weed and you have a dug test to take in about a week of smoking it you can drink Arizona tea, prun juice, and pickle juice, and cranbarry juice.

What effect does cranberry juice have on a drug test?


What home remedy can you take after smoking pot to pass a urine drug test?

drink lots of water, vinegar, or anything you can drink to use the bathroom alot and also try pickle juice. you can also try drinking liquer it flushes it right out; just dont go to your drug test drunk

Can you drink a lot of orange juice to pass a drug test?

yes if it is healthy you can pass a drug test but not all the time.

How do you clean marijuana into my body?

Drink plenty of water or vinegar or pickle juice or u can go to walmart and get the azo cranberry pill it cleans out the urinary track or right before a drug test chug a 40oz

Can drinking lemon juice help you pass a drug test?


Does pomegranate or blueberry juice clean your system for a drug test?


Can drinking pickle juice help you pass a drug test?

This isn't a way to mask the chemical signatures looked for in drug tests. Those chemicals that are taken in must be processed out, and the usual tests see past or through the group of things normally present in urine, blood or whatever is used as the test basis. Why are you asking this?

How do you pass a urine marijuana test?

I have always heard that if you drink straight pickle juice or straight vinegar that will do the trick but I am not sure I have never had to pass a drug test but I think the best way for you to pass your drug test is to just not smoke the stuff not being rude but come on marijuana is a downer wouldn't you rather be doing something positive with your life just a thought

What detox can you use to help clear your system of cannabis?

Try pickle juice, cranberry juice, and LOTS of water, as well as abstention for three days before your test.

How do you keep drug test from reading THC?

drink at least 3 big things of cranberry juice and a lot of water until your drug test.

Can you pass a urine test after smoking weed two weeks earlier?

yes. drink ALOT of water and cranberry juice. drink some pickle juice, stay away from soda.

How do you fight a positive drug test on probation?

cranberry juice and lots of water

What drinks help clean your system?

Cranberry juice is the best or alot of water, if you have a drug test in a week or two drink about two glasses of cranberry juice a day until the drug test and also drink plenty of water.

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