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as a flight attendant, we have the highest amount of miscarriages in any industry. my book on becoming pregnant tells 3 different times how hard it is to become pregnant while flying a lot in the airplane. after being off work for 2 months, i just now became pregnant, and i know this info is in the pilots association web site. our union wont print the radiation chart for the f/a s to see. if you know a pilot, ask him to print it up, you wouldn't believe how much radiation is up there on a plane. im going to find a pilot friend, and ask him to do this, will get back to you with more statistics. t


this web site has good information and the risk is very very very....... small for the occasional flyer. the radiation is typical cosmic radiation the kind you get from just stepping outside on a sunny day.the closer you get to the sun the greater the radiation. read the site

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:15:34
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Q: Is it true that radiation on airplanes could harm a fetus?
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