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The balloon bombs are true, they killed one person, they were meant and designed to cause large forest fires....

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Q: Is it true that several people were killed in the state of Oregon by balloon bombs launched by the Japanese during World War 2?
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What was the name of the Japanese bomb that dropped on a city in World War 2?

A fire balloon (風船爆弾, fūsen bakudan, lit. "balloon bomb"), or Fu-Go.It was a balloon bomb launched by the Japanese that used the Jet Stream to travel to the United States. Even though some 5,000 were launched during the war, there was one recorded instance where five American civilians were killed near Bly, Oregon, on May 5th, 1945 when they went to inspect and retrieve one such balloon bomb.

What was the name of the Japanese airplanes that crashed into the uniteds states?

That was a submarine launched airplane that bombed the state of Oregon.

Why didn't the Japanese attack the west coast?

The Japanese did attack the west coast; Japanese I-Boats (Submarines) launched aircraft to bomb Brookings, Oregon. Japanese I-Boats shelled Santa Barbara, California.

How many people died in america during war war 2?

2500 at Pearl Harbor 5 from a Japanese balloon bomb in Oregon

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The address of the Japanese Garden Society Of Oregon is: Po Box 3847, Portland, OR 97208-3847

Was the US bombed in World War 2?

Yes, Japanese aircraft dropped bombs on the US in World War II. The bombs fell on Unalaska, one of the islands of the Aleutian Island Chain. In addition, the Japanese did have very limited success with "balloon bombs" that they floated into the air. Of some 9,000 launched, a handful of these balloon bombs did make it to the West coast and did inflict limited damage, including 6 deaths. Links can be found below. Additionally, the Japanese aircraft carrier I-25 launched shells at the Northern Oregon Coast on the night of June 21, 1942. Although no one was injured, a baseball back stop at Fort Stevens was destroyed and a shell exploded in a residential area of Warrenton Oregon. There is a memorial, monument, and substitute American shell (donated by the US Navy) to this occurrence that can still be visited on DeLaura Beach Lane in Warrenton. For additional information about the Oregon bombing please refer to: Webber, Bert. Panic! At Fort Stevens: Japanese Navy shells Fort Stevens, Oregon in WWII. Webb Research Group Publishers, Medford OR, 1995.

How many Japanese submarines reached the US in World War 2?

1. Some Japanese mini-subs reached US territory in 1941 (Pearl Harbor). 2. One Japanese submarine shelled Santa Barbara California with it's deck gun. 3. One Japanese submarine launched an airplane which bombed Brookings, Oregon.

What was the greatest attack on us soil?

This question should be narrowed down to which war. In the War of 1812, the British burned down the White House, as well as every other standing structure; with the exception of the US Marine Corps Barracks...legend says that the British left those standing out the respect they had for the US Marine Corps. During WW2, Japanese Troops landed on, and occupied portions of the state of Alaska (although it was a US Territory at the time). Japanese Balloon Bombs floated across North America; a deeply classified military secret to keep people from panicking. Even today, the US doesn't want people to know "much" about those Balloon Bombs. Japanese Submarines shelled the City of Santa Barbara, California...that had to be "played down." Japanese Submarines launched an airplane which bombed Brookings, Oregon...that had to be "played down."

When did the Japanese start to use submarines in World War 2?

From the very beginning. IJN subs were prowling the US west coast and launched submarine airplanes which bombed Oregon, and fired shells from their deck guns into Santa Barbara California.

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How many American women and children were killed on American soil by the Japanese balloon bombs?

One woman & five children on a church sponsored outing at Mt. Gearhart, Oregon were the only casualties on American soil by Japanese balloon bombs. Richard V. Horrell WW 2 Mrs. Elsie Mitchell, who was pregnant, along with Sherman Shoemaker, 12, Jay Gifford, 12, Eddie Engen, 13, Joan Patzke, 11, and Dick Patzke, 13, were killed by the Japanese on May 5th, 1945, in Oregon. Here is a copy of the original 1945 Seattle Times newspaper article after it happened:

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What was the only part of the US mainland attacked by the Japanese in World war 2?

The Pacific Northwest, where Japanese balloon bombs landed. Carried by the jet stream from Japan, they started some forest fires and killed a family picnicking in Oregon in May, 1945. Alaska (the Aleutian Islands) and Hawaii (Pearl Harbor) were US territories until they became states in 1959.

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Were did the US battle the Japan?

From Alaska to Kamchatka; From Australia to California (California was shelled by a Japanese submarine); From California to Oregon (Oregon was bombed by a Japanese airplane); From the Santa Cruz Islands to the Philippines; From New Guinea to India; From Ceylon to Madagascar (off the African east coast).

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