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This is not very likely.

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Why are people kidnapped?

Some people that are kidnapped are from rich families. This is because the kidnappers demand a large sum of ransom money, otherwise they won't return whoever has been kidnapped. Also, some people that are kidnapped are kidnapped for sexual harassment. (Read the Jaycee-lee Dugard story.) Sometimes, but rarely, people are just kidnapped.

What are some of the theories behind the kidnapping of the lindberg baby?

He got kidnapped by the nurse he got inavaded by aliens He blew up+

Are some people real aliens?


Were the Mayans smart because of aliens?

some people say that they were part aliens because on a leaders tomb had ingravings of aliens

Did aliens cause 9 11?

Aliens, as in space aliens? No. "Aliens" as in non-American human beings who shouldn't have been allowed into the United States? Yes. Some of them were, in fact, "illegal aliens" from Egypt. Several of them had been allowed into the USA, but had overstayed their visas, and should have been arrested and deported.

Do people think aliens are real?

Some people do believe in aliens- Some take it from science fiction or from "seeing them". Consequently there are some devotions that could say aliens are real... I mean look at us? Do you really think we are the only things living? Or is there more to this crazy universe? So my answer is yes, people do believe in aliens.

Where are some images of real aliens and UFOs?

There are none in existence. You can only find images that people claim to be aliens or UFOs. So far, there has never been any evidence to support their claims.

What is aliens?

Aliens mean people who aren't from the country they are in. Some people use the word to mean "people from another planet", but in real life, no such people are known to exist.

Why are humans afraid of aliens?

Well, the term "aliens" can mean a lot ofdifferent things. But what most people think of when they hear the term aliens is space aliens. But as far as we know now, they don't exist. Another type of aliens are called illegal aliens. They are people from other countries that sneak in to the USA. Even though some cause no threat , some can be very dangerous. So that's why people might be afraid of illegal aliens. People might be afraid of the "space aliens" simply because of what they see on TV and in movies.

Has anything been on Uranus?

no what do you think some camera has been there because aliens have sertaintly not

What do aliens and doctors both do?

Some would say aliens and doctors both examine people. Some who believe in outer space aliens believe they examine humans to try and understand humans.

Why are some people not affected by Mosquito bites?

because they are aliens!

Did anyone saw flying soucers?

Some people believe a myth that there are aliens. It is not real. If there was life in outerspace there will still be no aliens .So no aliens means no flying soucers.

Why was the Lindbergh baby kidnapped?

The baby was kidnapped becuase lindbergh was not keeping up to his promises on the us. he did some kind of change or was against something that some group of people didnt like.

What are extraterestrials?

Aliens, people from some other planet than earth.

Does aliens exists in area 21?

In area 51 and surrounding areas people say that they have seen some actives of aliens. i i have researched this and i have not found anything about area 21 and aliens.

Do kids get kidnapped at amusement parks?

There have been a couple but not very many. There have been a couple but not very many.

What are some movies with aliens in them?

monstors vs. aliens and aliens in the attic

When were the last time when aliens were spotted?

Unfortunately aliens can only be seen by people who drink alcohol, take drugs or have a poor grasp on reality in some other way.So you could say aliens are seen, by these people, all the time.

Is aliens stay on Mars?

As far as we have been able to discover, there are no aliens on Mars. It is a lifeless planet (although there is some possibility that there are microorganisms living in the ground).

Do people believe in aliens?

No. Some do, some don't, it's entirely a matter of opinion at the moment.

How the aliens from Sarah Jane made?

Some are Effects on the computer and some are people dressed up!

Has anyone really ever been abducted by aliens?

If you talk to someone that believes they have been abducted, some of them have some really convincing stories.

What do people think aliens are responsible for?

people believe aliens are responsible for crop circles. some also think aliens created Stonehenge as one of many communications posts. these people are crazy. There are no aliens known to exist, in real life. Sorry. Someone has to be the first form of intelligent life in the universe, and it might well be us.

Is it possible that aliens exist?

Possible? Yes. Proven? No. So far just a bunch of tall tales.No aliens do not exsised. Some people think that they do but they dont.....People belive in there own things.People make movies about aliens like et.If you go on images some have aliens on like mars and they say is this life on mars....NO its just a big rock from a distance so if you belive in aliens its up to you ok but they do NOT exsisted!!!!!!!