Is it true that the ink used during the production of comic books contain lead If so should this be a concern for an avid comic book reader such as myself?

Most printing companies in the U S stopped using lead based paint in the early 1980's. However, caution is still advised, since not all printers follow the correct procedures. You can protect yourself by using gloves, or wrapping the comic book covers in plastic as you read them, and wash your hands frequently. You should be handwashing frequently anyway, as that helps protect against many transmittable diseases. As long as you do not put the books or your hands into your mouth, you are probably not in any danger. If you have books that are so old they are shredding and turning to dust, you want to avoid breathing the dust. So, wash your hands between each comic book you read, and before and after. For regular safety and hygiene wash hands several times a day. Ensuring balanced nutrition may prevent or reduce lead poisoning. People who get enough vitamin C, iron, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus are less likely to absorb lead than are people who have inadequate diets. Frequent meals or snacks help prevent lead poisoning, because lead is not as easily absorbed on a full stomach. People who eat high-fat diets absorb more lead, as do people with iron deficiency.