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yes this is true.


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Period-1 represents elements of the sun. This period constitutes hydrogen and helium.

the abbreviations represents the symbols for the elements

Considering there are 6 metalloids on the periodic table and a total of 118 elements, metalloids make up 5.08% of the periodic table.

Different symbols represent different elements. They are the small notations for elements.

80 % of the periodic table consists of metals and 15 % non-metals and 5 % other elements.

No,Each of the columns in a periodic table represents a group.

the group number represents the valency of the elements.

every column on the table represents a family that react similarly with other elements.

the big number the element has (on the periodic table of elements)

Approx. 21 % chemical elements are nonmetals.

Approx. 80 % of the chemical elements are metals.

The atomic number represents the number of protons. The atomic mass represents the number of protons + neutrons.

Atomic number, which really represents the number of protons.

Find Fe in the periodic table of elements, it represents the transition metal IRON.

The metallic elements on a periodic table may be represented by a certain color unlike those of other elements. Most periodic tables have elements in different colors, so try looking at the key that shows what each color represents for that element.

Alkali metals with the elements lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, cesium, francium

it represents an element, having an atomic number and name to describe it.

There are 118 elements in the periodic table of elements.

Each Color Represents A Family .*Example*-All The Elements That Occur In Nature And Solids At Room Temperature Are A Yellow-Ish Color . the columns in the periodic table display elements with similar properties.

The elements in a periodic table are presented in an order of increasing Atomic number. Atomic number represents the number of protons in nucleus.

Wrong, it's not the elements that are periodic, it's the table, known as the Periodic Table of Elements.

the elements of the periodic are tble are now orderd according to their

The periods of The Periodic Table is shown in the column to the left of the elements. It represents the number of "shells" or "layers" of electrons that the particular element contains.There are a total of 7 periods including the Lantanoids anf the Actinoids

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