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sorry, but guys cheat more than women do that's how we got good at cheat spoting!

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2009-03-12 22:04:19
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Q: Is it true that there are more men available than women in the US?
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Is it true that Short women have more sexual urge than taller women?

No that is not true.

Is it true that women are more naturally flexible than men?

yes this is true but it is also true that some men can be more flexible then women.

Why are men better than women in soccer?

Not all men are better than women in soccer. But for most teams that is true. That is true because men are faster and more aggresive.

Why do women sometimes cheat?

Women do not always cheat. Men cheat more than women it is a true fact look it up!!!!

Which of these statements is true, according to Census 2000?

There are more unmarried women than men.

Who poops more women or men?

Its true that women do in fact poop more than men And its been proven technically and accurately by scientist and doctors.

Who nags MORE men or women?

The typical response would be that women nag more than men, but in reality thats not true. Men tend to nag more than women as most men have stronger memories and tend to remember things more and remind women about it = nag.

Is there more women than men?

There are more men in the world than women. It's true that in many developed countries, women outnumber men by a relatively small margin. But in undeveloped countries, and especially those with a preference for boy children over girl children, there is a dire shortage of women. Globally there are more men than women in the world. No there are more women in the world then men.

Why do men get angry more than Women?

It's not a proven fact but (in my opinion only) women are better at hiding their true emotions

In the US notions of romantic love held more strongly by Euro-American women than African-American women?


Do women get more angry than men?

It's not a proven fact but (in my opinion only) women are better at hiding their true emotions

Use graphs from you the People Women and Men in the US What is true about the marriage status of women?

More women are choosing to remain single in 2000 than in 1970

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