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I don't think it is. Haven't you ever heard about nasty men leaving women for nothing and then moving on to another person within days.

Answer BNO its not true. Many a men move on just ask quickly as woman. Point is that men tend to get that ego hurt and brood, sometimes looking for mommy so to speak. Women in general are more mature and able to handle more situations with grace and stature. Alot of men play the boohoo me syndrome to hook other women in, too. Its a sad day in this world if any woman thinks she can survive without a man. The society of sisterhood is enough to pull her thru. Men don't like to show weakness to other guys which brings them to shield themselves from others because they don't want anyone to see their soft side. I say bring it on girls and surround me with your strenght.

Answer C (Written by a man)

Yes, I believe it's harder for men to get over a failed relationship. Perhaps they've had less experience in relationships. I think that's the main reason. Maybe they want a relationship more than a woman. Maybe women have come to the conclusion that being obsessed with a man is not desired or necessary because there's more than one fish in the sea, and perhaps there's not much difference between one man and the next, meaning they're all unsatisfactory. And maybe she's not interested in staying in a relationship because she's more interested in getting her husband's money in a divorce settlement, child support, etc. I believe there's record numbers of women today who believe they don't need a man for themselves or to help raise a family---they just need his money!


Answer D (Another man's point of view. This is a personal point of view)

Yes, it is harder for men to forget over a relationship especially if it was a very good on and if he truly loved that woman. Usaly us men sleep with another woman after a ruff brake up because we're trying to get over that woman we still love, but that usally is not enough or doesn't even work. Woman get a false idea that we're really trying to get them jelouse or angry (doesn't apply to all men) when we are with other women but usally it's much hurtfull for us to see you women neer by cause we still think about you.

When a man really loves (deeply gives his heart away) a woman he will be more emotinal than a woman and will not care if his macho buddies see his emotional side or make fun of him cause he really loved and still loves her, but if you see him acting all macho and trying to make his ex jelouse or mad that means that he may just never loved her.

Don't ever listen to anyone when they say "he sleeped with her to get you jelouse, he's just like all men" it may not be that way, think for your self and try to get in his shoes. It's harder for a guy to be emotional and we really do express it much diffrent than women do, but try to get us before acually judging us cause most men may be macho jerks but they're are a few of us that are real gentalmen and are not afrid to LOVE a woman and give his self away to you. Just by a jugdement or a prejugdece thought that socity has labeled men to be macho you might acually hurt a man who is a gentelman and never had intention to hurt you.

Hope this Helps. Good Luck

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