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In some individuals this is true. If you look at starving children in Africa you will notice their little tummies are quite bloated. When the stomach doesn't get food it begins to bloat with gas. If a person has been starving for quite sometime it will also take awhile for them to introduce food back into their system and maintain a healthy level.

Anorexic individuals are the way they are because that is the only thing in their lives they can control. This condition often happens in models, professional ballerinas, and until the 70s Hollywood studios would dish out diet pills to their actors (especially women) like they were candy out of pez dispenser. Even to this day many actors are coming out of the closet and admitting they are Anorexic or Bulimic. For some women they see a fat person when they look at themselves in the mirror (their family or friends may think they look great as they are or may even think they look too thin and gaunt) and other women don't have much control over their lives so not eating is the only control they have.

Movies, magazines, television all strive to prey on the young to look thin, graceful, and thus, you will be promised that you'll become one of "the beautiful people." Companies that put out diet products WANT young women (the most gullible when it comes to weight loss) to buy their products so they really go to town making them believe they can look like some rock star or famous actress. Your body is your body, and by the way, those so-called "beautiful people" one sees in movies, magazines, etc., have had so much plastic surgery or Botox they'll be blinking out of the back of their heads in another 10 years. This doesn't even include the "body spray make-up" to give them that flawless look. There is lypo-suction to get rid of fat, of course plastic surgery which is becoming an epidemic with youth today (even in Canada.) Some kids as young as 12 are getting permission from their parents for plastic surgery. I know one young girl who graduated and her parents gave her a so-called great grad present .... plastic surgery for bigger breasts!

Some young women suffering from Anorexia do so because they have psychological problems. They could have had a trauma in their lives or in their young lives never had much control over themselves, so starving themselves is the only control they have. If young people think it's fun to be Anorexic it isn't and these poor young women spend many hours in private crying because inwardly they know they are in big trouble. They may think they still look fat, but somewhere in their minds they know they are starving themselves.

People with Anorexia or Bulimic need psychological help. If they don't get this help they could well die. The human stomach, in time will go into a "starvation mode" and that basically means the body will start feeding off of itself. If Bulimic (purging food after eating) the stomach being a muscle will get the message from the brain to continue to purge and the person will then have lost total control of what the stomach is doing, not to mention the devastation it does on the organs of the body. Young people that are always worried about their weight and are on constant diets, Anorexic or Bulimic (there are lots out there) will think they are getting away with it and promise themselves they will stop later down the road, end up with malfunctioning body organs or possibly strokes or heart attacks.


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Q: Is it true that when someone becomes anorexic they get bloated and look fatter before they actually start to lose the weight?
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Why does someone become anorexic?

Usually, when someone becomes anorexic, it is not due with them wanting to be thin. Most of the the time, they have problems at home, school or work. Starving themselves to thin is actually a cry for help. Only 10% of anorexia sufferes start by wanting to be thin.

Is there even any guys on the planet who actually want someone with a normal figure and a little bit of weight rather than anorexic?

suRe there are many guys who don't like anorexic girls

Do girls having their periods have anything to do with anorexia?

Not exactly. Having your epriod doen't make someone become anorexic. Some girls might be bloated a little while on their period, and think that they are fat, but that bloating passes within a few days or a week or so. If someone is anorexic, often they will stop having their period, though, as their bodies try to consere mass and fat and nutrients.

Is someone in glee anarexic?

well i think they accused lea michel of being anorexic but its not true. so no. no one in glee is anorexic. if they were, they wouldn't be on glee. they would be getting help. and plus you can kind of tell when someone is anorexic.

How could you tell if someone is anorexic?

They are deathly skinny

If someone has a mind of an anorexic and starves themselves but if they do eat not a binge they purge is that anorexic with bulimic tendencies?

If the person is purging and also anorexic, then they would be defined as an anorexic with bulimic tendencies. This person needs to consult with a doctor to seek help immediately.

What is it called when someone doesn't eat because they want to be thin?

someone is anorexic if they have anorexia

What does it mean if your Neopet is bloated?

It simply means your Neopet is as full as it can get, and it's no longer hungry. When something or someone is bloated, they are feeling extremely full!

How do anorexic people look?

Anorexia is actually not a difference in what somone sees but a feeling of self pitty and lack of worth. An anorexic doesn't see any diffrent than you do. Anorexic people can look like just your ordinary everyday person. They can also be incredibly thin or in some cases may be over weight. there is no actual "type" of image for someone who suffers with anorexia. also, they are not "anorexic" they are people who suffer from "anorexia" known as "anorexia nervosa".

How long does it take to physically see a difference on someone who's anorexic?

It doesn't take that long to notice someone who is anorexic. The reason is because they aren't getting any nourishment at all and it can quickly show.

How long does it take for someone to be anorexic?

Someone can become anorexic within a few days or weeks. It can take some time for it to really become a large danger, as often the disease progresses as time goes by,

Do you have to think you're fat to be anorexic?

yes. anorexic people think they are fat and when they see themselves they see someone who is very fat. this is why they dont eat.

What is an anorectic?

An anorectic is another word for an anorexic, someone who suffers from anorexia nervosa.

Is Cole Sprouse anorexic?

no he is not anorexic he is just slim just because someone is slim it doesnt mean that they are anorexic and anyway if he was Disney would have never of let him on the suite life on deck he wouldn't be a very god role model to the younger generation

How important is the way someone becomes a leader?

the importance of the way someone becomes a leader depends on the way someone becomes a leader. Confused? I'm no.

You want to be anorexic is it wrong?

Anorexia is not something you want but often something that you think is cool or cool to be skinny but Anorexia becomes a disorder and DISEASE that can spiral out of control. If you think you're overweight talk to someone about a healthy planned diet.

What causes some people to become anorexic?

Well there is a lot of reasons why someone would become anorexic. It is a mental disease and it has a lot to do with what they see in the mirror, clearly they don't like themselves and think they will like themselves feel better if they lost weight they are miserable. I know when I started I had very low self-esteem and I thought by doing that I will get more confidence and I was also having a lot of family issues. Anyways anorexia has to do with "control" and low self-esteem, the media, past abuse, depression...ect. Sometimes when someone becomes anorexic it has nothing to do with losing weight. It is a very complicated disease.

How much water should someone weighing 210 drink a day to lose weight?

Drinking water will not help you lose weight. Unless of course you drink til you're so bloated you can't actually eat.

Could sore breasts bloated fatigue be a sign of pregnancy?

i wish someone would answer this, i have the same question!

Why should'NT i tell an anorexic to eat?

You should not say it so bluntly. Anorexia is not something you could just get over, it takes time and in most cases rehab. If you told some one who was anorexic to just eat would be like telling someone with both of their legs broken to run a mile. Anorexia is not just an eating disorder it becomes a mental illness and unfortunately a way of life.

What could cause vomiting after each meal?

If it is someone other than yourself consider if the person is anorexic.

How does someone tell their friend that they are a recovering Anorexic?

If they really care about you they will understand and want to help you. Good luck!

Can i help someone in my gym who is anorexic and i see every day but don t know?

That is a very touchy subject. Do you know for a fact she is anorexic? Or does she just look thin? If you are not sure, then do not say anything. Also, if you do not know her personally, it can be very awkward and uncomfortable and actually quite rude if you just approach her. Until you have more information or begin to know her personally, avoid the topic.

Can fat people become anorexic?

Anorexia Nervosa is NOT a choice, one does not "become" anorexic. It is a mental illness that has a side effect of significant weight loss - so on this basis, someone medically overweight can BE anorexic, it just means that their symptoms will cause them to loose weight at a dangerous rate and, if they survive, they will have a BMI classified as anorxic.

What are 1 of the signs of Anorexia?

Being anorexic usually involves sudden weight loss, and an obsession with weighing one's self. Someone who is anorexic will also have a distorted body image and avoid social eating at all costs.