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It is true but not likely. The normal is to file a writ of REPLEVIN. The court has the sheriff come to get the car or YOU if you cant/wont produce the car. Just give it up and avoid all the extra charges ect.

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How do you handle a narcissistic thief?

You report the theft to the police and press charges.You report the theft to the police and press charges.You report the theft to the police and press charges.You report the theft to the police and press charges.

Can you be charged with Grand Theft Auto if you are late on payments?

Possibly - especially if you start hiding your vehicle from the lender or the repo-man in order to keep the lawful owner (the lender) from taking it back due to non-payment. If you are willfully and knowingly depriving the lender of his lawful property and converting it to your own use, it is the same as if you had stolen it.

What are the charges for theft?

The charges for theft vary greatly depending on the monetary amount of the theft as well as the way the theft was taken out. Typically, punishment for theft can be anywhere from a $500 fine to life in prison-such as with aggravated grand theft.

What are the charges for stealin?

grand theft auto

Can you recover money stolen from your bank account due to identity theft?

Made payments on July but they get a letter explaining (id theft) some1 took my money from my bank , Can I recover $$ I already pay for? from who?? This event doesnt concern the lender on your car.This between you, the bank, and whomever did the ID theft.Can I sold the car and pay the dealer?":IF you can PAY OFF THE LOAN,YES. This is best done with the lender assistance on the paperwork,ect.

Does the car have to be turned in at the end of the lease if you have stopped paying and claimed bankruptcy?

Yes you must turn the vehicle in on a lease. You are responsible for the full amount of payments on the lease. If the vehicle is not turned in it can be reposessed.Remember you never owned it. It certainly does. Unless the person likes the idea of "Grand Theft Auto" charges. You would have to reafirm your contract with the lender and pay any accrued fees/penalties.

Who is the expelled president of the PAC appeared in court on charges of fraud and theft?

President Luthando Mbinda

How are electronic payments protected against theft?

you dont be dumb.

If you car is financed and stolen what is the responsibility of the owner with reference to making payments and how is the process handled by the insurance co What if the car is never found?

The insurance company will pay the lender to the policy limits. This payment will only be made if you have theft coverage and not just minimum coverage. I believe you still have to make the payments, although I am not sure.

Can you get in trouble for hiding your car until you get caught up on your payments in Texas?

Yes, it could be considered "theft by deception". When the lenders go to court to start reposession they have taken ownership of the vehicle. At that point you no longer have rights to the vehicle and if the lender claims that you are deliberately hiding the vehicle they could have a good argument for the theft by deception.

Can you have charges dropped for theft?

depends where you live. if your a minor im sure you will get away with boot camp or something little like that. theft charges are nothing to worry about. depends where you live. if your a minor im sure you will get away with boot camp or something little like that. theft charges are nothing to worry about.

Can you face criminal charges for stealing from an estate?

Yes, fraud, embezzlement and theft are all possible charges.

What does 3 counts of theft mean?

It means three separate charges of theft committed at three different times.

If you have 4 charges of theft an you get a breaking an entering with theft how long will you go to jail for?

3 strikes=25-life

What is the statute of limitations on charges for theft in Oregon?

You have to prosecute theft within 3 years in Oregon. You cannot prosecute theft after this time. Sometimes theft isn't discovered right away.

What is the statute of limitations in Texas for theft over 200000?

Theft of property amounting to over $200,000 brings charges of Second Degree Felony in Texas. The statue of limitations on such charges is three years.

Can a repo man take some type of legal action against a person in order to repo an automobile?

Yes. He can file charges of theft if the vehicle is in the possession of someone other thant the debtor or codebtor. He can have the lender file charges of hindering repossession. He may be able to file charges of breaking the peace if the party holding the vehicle does not quietly turn over the keys and cooperate with surrendering the vehicle.

What is the punishment for theft?

There are many different punishments that could be given for theft. If the owner presses charges you could go to jail.

Will Nevada extradite from Wyoming for theft charges?

They could, if they wanted. Much probably hinges on the amount of the theft and serioussness of the crime.

Is there a misdemeanor identity theft charge?

Minor ID theft charges have, at times, been plead down to the misdemeanor level.

What are charges for theft from employer?

Depends on how much you are charged with stealing.The employer can decide to report the theft to the police whenever it chooses.

Can the dealership charge you with auto theft if you are in default on your payments?

Not if you are on the title to the vehicle and own it. Whoever holds the loan on the vehicle can repossess the car however if you are late with payments. Contact the lender and work something out. You do not want your car repossess. Credit will be ruined for 7 years, and you will still have to pay the repo fees plus the difference in the balance on the note and what the car brings when they sell it.

What is the charges for horse theft?

this is funny because it is under the 'cheating' category

Is a bank obligated to press charges for employee theft?

If it is internal theft they are not required to do so. Sometimes they decline to prosecute in order to keep the internal theft quiet and out of the public news.

What charges can you file for an employee stealing company information?

Theft and fraud; misconduct.