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Yes this is correct. Workmans comp. drs. only service the injuries. A medical practice that has a family physician is what your looking for. Check with family and friends to see if they can refer you. If your insurance company through your job, if they offer one, also has participating physicians on its plan. If you cant use those sources, go to the local phone book and look for a doctor that can meet your needs and also check them out through the BBB and through the medical association, I think its 1800doctors.

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Can a gynecologist be a woman's general health doctor as well?

Yes; that's basically what a gynocologist is, a doctor who specializes in the health care of women.

Where can one find general health information?

You can find general health information in many different places. One place you can get general health information is on the Internet. Some sites are Health and HealthFinder. You can also find general health information from your local doctor.

What three health care workers provide direct patient care?

Doctor, Dentist, and Nurse

What is a mental health doctor called?

Generally, someone whose job it is to help improve the mental health of their patients is either a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Marriage counselors, members of the clergy, general physicians, social workers, and other therapists, however, also fall into this category.

Find Doctor?

form_title=Find Doctor form_header=Keep your health in check. Whether you're looking for a general physician or a specialty doctor, find the medical services you need. Are you looking for a general physician or a specialty doctor?= () General physician () Specialty doctor If you are seeking a specialty doctor, please state the specialty here. =_ Please list the current medications you take.=_ Do you have health insurance?= () Yes () No If yes, who is your insurance company?=_

What is a obstirician?

its the type of doctor that specifies in womens general health care and does things such as deliver babies .

What does a doctor do in Antarctica?

Depending on the doctor's discipline, the doctor may pursue some scientific premise based on studying the health of planet earth. Or, an MD, for example, would look after the health of the temporary workers on the research station where the MD was assigned.

How often doctors visit a doctor and are there any studies done on general health of doctors?

3% i think

What are advantages of migrant workers?

In farming, migrant workers normally cost less in wages for the owner of a farm. Another advantage is that few if any benefit costs such as health benefits are paid to migrant workers.

What is meant by the promotora model?

The use of the promotora model refers to workers of a health community. These workers are not necessarily professional workers of the health care field. These workers are predominantly volunteers.

When was Health Services Workers' Union created?

Health Services Workers' Union was created in 1965.

What is a GP obstetrician?

A GP obstetrician is a General Practitioner. They work with the the general health of women or people. An obtetrician is when a doctor works with women before, during, and after their pregnancy.

Where can one find a general book about health?

There is a lot of interest in general health, and many books published on the topic of health. A good place to go for suggestions would be a doctor or other health care professional, or browse a store with a wide variety of health books until you find one that best suits your needs and interests.

Roles of barangay health workers?

Health educator,Health provider,Health primary care.

What is a health insurance plan for workers injured on the job?

Workers Compensation

There is something wrong with my health can you please help?

The best way to diagnose a problem is going to see your General Practitioner (Doctor).

What are the health benefits for a doctor?

the health benefits for a doctor is they have limited health isurence that they need to update every year

What is the role of a general practice?

The role of a General Practice is that of initial presentation of a health, be it medical or other to a Medical Doctor. From an initial assessment of the problem a direction as to how to find a solution will be made.

How long do hip fractures take to heal?

It depends on many factors, such as age and general health. You should ask your doctor for advice.

Where you can ask any question related to health?

Your general practitioner (Doctor) should be able to answer any health question that you may have. If they cannot answer your question they can refer you to a specialist, who would most certainly answer it.

Can you transmit HPV if your genital warts are gone?

You must discuss this with your doctor before risking another person's health.

Can psychiatric social workers prescribe medications?

No, only a licensed physician can prescribe medication. It terms of mental health, it is typically a psychiatrist who is a medical doctor with a specialty in psychiatry

What are care workers responsibilities when caring for other?

Try this link - It explains Care Workers' Responsibilities as set out by the General Social Care Council. Good luck, Health and Social Care teacher, Blackpool.

What involves in the job of being a pediatrcian?

A Pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in the development, health and diseases of children. In other words, it's a "baby doctor" but children can have a pediatrician up into their teen years. Eventually they get a general practioner (family doctor).

Why will Americas need for health science workers increase in the future?

As the nation's elderly population increases, so will the need for health care workers. APEX