Is it true that you can tell what kind of a person someone truly is by just looking at what their favorite things are such as colors animals hobbies etc?

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Can you tell if someone is anorexic just by looking at them?

Answer . \nSometimes at the beginning of anorexia it's difficult to tell, but as the person gets further into anorexia they begin to look drawn in the face, their collar bones stick out, ribs show, they have no bodily curves and they have a skeletal appearance. Some people are genetically thin, ( Full Answer )

Can you tell whether the person you like is also interested in you just by looking at her?

Answer . \nIF YOU NEVER TALKED TO HER BEFORE: Once you make eye contact with a woman, watch her for a few seconds after she looks away. If she does something that implies that she has become nervous due to you making eye contact, this mea ( Full Answer )

How do you know if someone loved you just because of your looks and took you back because they fancy you or if they took you back because they truly love who you are?

Answer . \nDo they enjoy spending long periods of time with you, and not just having sex? Do they act interested in knowing your opinions on things, your ideas? Do they share their interests and ideas with you? A superficial relationship tends to have a lot of sex involved, but very little emot ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if someone is a true blond?

I say go ahead and look at his/her roots after suspected dying of the hair has aged. The true and original color of his/her hair will hopefully show up. Hope I helped!

How can you tell if a guy truly loves you or just likes you?

If he can look you dead in the eye without twitching any body part and say he loves you. Then ask if YOU can meet his parents (thats big). If he just likes you he will flirt and that will be it. It differs from types of boy.. _________________________________________________________________________ ( Full Answer )

How do you you get someone to tell you their true feelings for you?

There are many techniques you can try to get information out of someone, but in the end you cannot make someone tell you how they truly feel. They can only decide for themselves. No matter what, be sure that you do not pressure anyone for information unless you are ready to hear it.

What is a gay persons favorite color?

A person's favorite color is based personality type. People often chose a color that fits their personality, or the personality they would like to have. Being gay has little judgment on color preference. . Blue is the most common favorite color of both men and women (straight and gay). . If you ( Full Answer )

How can you tell what a person's favorite color is?

Try and note the colors they wear the most. Say, they always havesomething orange on them. Even if they don't realize it, theirfavourite color is probably orange. (Or, you could just ask them.)

What is your favorite color and what does it reflect in your personality?

Personally, I think I have TOO MANY favorite colors. I just can't choose one, so I guess that reflects that I have a colorful personality OR I just can't make up my mind about anything!! I personaly think that the color itself has personality to it. So, when sobody likes the color (favorite colo ( Full Answer )

I had a dream that someone who looks just like my favorite celebrity is in love with me what does it mean?

To see a celebrity in your dream, represents your beliefs and understanding about him or her. Something in you waking life has triggered these similar beliefs and feelings. It is not uncommon that your obsession with a certain celebrity may carry over onto your dream world. Celebrities are often see ( Full Answer )

How do you tell someone that you truly love them?

Say it to their face - no matter how dumb or cheesey you feel! Let them know that you will always be there for them ... and that you'll never ever let them down! Tell them you want to be with them for the rest of your life and never want to be apart! Give them the world! Let them know just how much ( Full Answer )

Can someone tell me what the kind of things can you do on the Sims Games?

well, You can create a person, Build a house, Fall in love, earn simoleons (The Sims currency), And on different versions of the Sims games you can do even more!!!. plus did they tell ya you can even make a family and on freeplay on most of the sims you can create a house that you want in the futur ( Full Answer )

I'm disabled and looking for a career in photography. Could someone who is familiar with this career tell me if there is any heavy lifting squating etc.?

Yes, there is lifting involved. I work in television, but I would advise you to seek out photography as a free lance career, rather than one you are employed by. Find a niche or style that you can use to earn a living. This way you can approach your art however way you wish, in your time frame. When ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if someone is a true friend?

You can't really tell. For example. The person I thought was my best friend, and I trusted her with everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Blew that straight back in my face. She ignored me, then started ditching me, and the told others secrets I had told. Pretty stupid mistake on my part aye? So i gu ( Full Answer )

How can someone tell if it is true love?

Answer 2. That sounds like love based on the movies and fairy tales, not reallife genuine love. Don't get me wrong, that's nice when you thinkyou have fallen in love for real and found the right one. Love isbest sensed when it is expressed. What if the person whose eyes youlook into and who you kiss ( Full Answer )

Can someone tell me what kind of automatic level I have. Cant find any information on it anywhere. Its a East Coast Instruments ECI-240 Magn 24x stadia 100 1 Light grey in color and works just fine.?

It's seems as though you have answered the question yourself. You have stated exactly what it is (manufacture and model number). It was made in China and their exclusive distributor here in the US is "Instrument Sales & Service" out of Wilmington, DE. In case you need it, their number is 1-800-874-7 ( Full Answer )

What kind of things can be determined by looking at the color of urine?

I only know one thing that you can determine from urine colour. That is dehydration. The orangier, or brighter coloured the urine, the more dehydrated you are. If it is pale green or white you have been drinking plenty of water which is fab. :D. The things you can determine are if you're dehydrated ( Full Answer )

Can you tell if someone has Autism just by looking at them?

i don't know. probably not.. Sometimes you can tell if a child is a little quirky and doesn't quite understand others verbal and non verbal cues. Some people have autistic tendencies yet don't have autism, and some have autism which is a little harder to detect. If you are worried it is best to con ( Full Answer )

Can people tell a persons emotions just by looking at their eyes?

I'm no expert but, if you are close enough to someone and you know they trust you in some way or another you can tell how they are feeling on a simple level. looking into someones eyes are like reading their heart. Or so some say. But the truth of it all is not the eye it self but the movements arou ( Full Answer )

Is there any such thing as a truly Blue colored Rose?

No, there is not. True blue is a very difficult color to maintain in a flower and very few flowers anywhere are known to have it, though a Japanese horticultural firm is working on creating a genetically modifed blue rose, though success has thus far eluded them. Additionally, blue flower pigment ( Full Answer )

What can you tell about a person if he is kind to animals?

Usually if a person is kind to an animal it means they have respect for life and a deep understanding (whether conscious or not) that anything which can grow breathe and sleep is somehow special. And more often than not those that are kind to animals are kind to people.

How do you tell a baby's favorite color?

There is really no way to tell,until they are about.............2 maybe 1 and a half when they start to talk. Hope this helps!-Lily

Someone please describe in detail just how bad multi storm system going2b Mon2Wed start of February Areas impactd How many inches How long each1 lasts Type of storms Mph winds That kind of thing etc?

You would have to specify where. You can always go to and click on your part of the country, which will take you to your local NWS office. From there you can click on your specific city, and that webpage itself should have some information on the coming storm.

Is it true that there are people out there who can look exactly like you but you guys wont like the same things you guys just look alike?

... Sigh. America. How ashamed i am of thee sometimes... First of all, there are no two people who are exactly alike in looks. Its physically impossible, even for identical twins, to not have an outstanding feature from the other (One Twin may be taller, or more commonly, have freckles or moles i ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if an animal is a mammal just by looking at it?

The first thing is its size. Mammals are usually quite large. Warm-blooded , hair, three middle ear bones, and specialised teeth. To know straight away if it is a mammal, you need to memorise who is who on a trusted webpage or a fact-filled book.

How can you tell someone who truly loves you?

This is the most difficult question of all. Many people go through their entire lives not being able to figure this out. People are strange and complicated creatures. Our intelligence work against our instincts. Many people do what is expected of them, not what they want to do. All in all, ever ( Full Answer )

Where can someone find their true colors?

To find ones true colors is to find oneself. Many tests and songs were written about the subject. These tests are available anywhere and can give a right clue.