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That has been my understanding as well and it seems logical as gas is very heavy. Keep in mind, however, that to let the fuel go too low in the tank can stir up rust particles & tiny debris at the bottom of the tank. This could jam up the fuel filter.

On the other hand, there is this theory that keeping gas tank filled reduces wastage of fuel through evaporation (the empty space in tank would allow more fuel to evaporate). So, which is method is more fuel saving?

Best way to answer that question is to test the mileage numbers per gallon.

Fill the car only half way for a few months and keep track of the mileage per gallon by filling it up totally at the end of each month.

Then keep the tank full each week and check the mileage again.

I did that with a 86 Buick V-8 and the mileage went from 15>14.

I decided that having a full tank was worth the loss for various reasons. The least of which is the hassle and time spent refueling.



Thanks for info. Yeah, sometimes it may just not be worth the effort just to gain one or two miles more. But, I will test to see how much extra mileage I will get.

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As a fitness leader you should be careful when suggesting exercises that involve jumping carrying or throwing because?

As a fitness leader you should be careful when suggesting exercises that involve jumping carrying or throwing because these activities involve the body supporting extra weight.

How can cranes lift thing without falling?

because cranes have a counter weight that should weigh more than whatever they are carrying

Can you run faster with or without shoes?

You can run faster without shoes because you are carrying less weight.

What is the laden weight?

The 'laden weight' is the weight of a vehicle carrying some or a full payload.

Is it normal to have sore hips in pregnancy?

Many women have sore hips during pregnancy because of the weight they are carrying or because of the baby pressing down on the hips.

Another term for doing your fair share of work is?

carrying your own weightAnother term for doing your fair share of work is "carrying your own weight".

How can you use carrying capacity in a sentence?

Because the weight of the dirt that the truck had to carry to the work site was 5,000 pounds, the workers had to make two trips, because the truck's carrying capacity could only handle 2,500 pounds at one time.

Why has a person to bend down while carrying a load on his back?

Due to the added weight the person carrying on the back,normal centre of gravity of the combined body weight and the carrying weight shifted to new position.As a result a moment acts on the body of the man who is carrying the weight.To balance the moment the man needs to bend to achieve the stable condition.

What does a boat's capacity plate indicate?

The maximum number of persons and weight the boat should carry. (BE-13)

Why are backpacks useful for school?

They leave your hands free when carrying, and carrying a backpack is safer/healthier than carrying a shoulder bag if there's any weight to it.

Do teen girls like fat boys?

Some girls don't care if a boy is carrying a bit of weight, and will be into them because they're interesting and for who they are.

When should you stop riding a horse when it is foal?

If you mean when should you stop riding a horse that is in foal(?) Then that would be up to the 9th month of the pregnancy. After that the mare is carrying too much weight on her own body to safely and comfortably accommodate a humans weight.

What is the maximum weight a student who weighs 70 lb should carry?

The recommended maximum carrying weight for adolescents is 20% of their weight, which for a 70-pound student would be 14 pounds. Over short distances for short periods, an individual may carry more. Carrying a pack that is too heavy, as while climbing or hiking, can cause injury to various muscles and the spine.

Should you eat honey if you are dieting to lose weight?

yes you should because honey is healthy

Why do pregnant women waddle?

Wopuldn't you waddle if you were carrying that extra weight?

Which takes more energy one trip upstairs carrying five bags or five trips upstairs carrying one bag each time?

One trip, because it saves the enegy in raising the body's weight four times.

Why should i get an iPad mini?

Because it is light weight, with alot of features.

Why are the rear wheels of a truck broader as cpompared to the front wheels?

Because they not only need to support the weight of the truck itself - but also the load the truck is carrying.

Can you lose height from losing too much weight?

No, not unless you have fat on the bottom of your feet. Depending on your size, some people become an inch or so taller after losing weight because they end up with better posture without carrying all the weight .

How much should a Netherland Dwarf weigh at three years old?

An adult netherland dwarf should not weigh more than 2.5 lbs in weight if it is a healthy specimen, if it is heavy it may be carrying excess weight around its heart and lungs hence will shorten its life

How much should a 12 year old girl wiegh that is 5ft and 7 in?

She should weight around 100-125.that is a perfect weight because she is tall.

How much grams should a pregnant guiea pig weigh?

there is not really a set weight of a pregnant guinea pig, as they could be carrying one baby or 6 babies.

Should kids have to play sport?

Yes. they should because if they are fat then they need exersise to loose weight.

What is Carrying Capacity pounds for a car?

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating minus the empty weight. It varies between cars.

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