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This is largely an interesting fact that's turned into an urban myth. Coughing sharply and deeply can sometimes affect the vagus nerve, which helps moderate your heart beat. It's been said that a good one-time cough can regulate an out-of-step beat, often associated with or occurring just before a heart attack. However, it's not considered an effective method for stopping a heart attack. Check out to investigate this myth and others.

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Q: Is it true that you should start coughing to survive a heart attack?
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Does hitting your chest during a heart attack help?

If someone believes they are having a heart attack they need to call 911 immediately. Taking a aspirin and sometimes coughing can help.

Can you live even if you have a heart attack?

Yes it is possible to live after a heart attack. However, the more heart attacks you have, the less chance you will have to survive.

How does someone know if he or she is at risk for a heart attack?

chest pains and even if so sever coughing up blood

Why do anorexics die?

Anorexics die because their heart gets squeezed too tight and then they get a heart attack and they are too weak to survive a heart attack. So they die.

Can you survive heart attack?

MAYBE A great many people, about 92%, do.

What is worse a Stroke or a Heart Attack?

I would say a heart attack is worse because it targets the heart, the second most important thing needed for life. There are some cases that people actually survive stokes. But i am not sure about heart attacks.I would say both are dangerous because people survive heart attacks also, including some of my friends. if you survive a stroke, you most likely have serious brain damage, but for a heart attack, your heart is rarely damaged.

How many heart attacks can a person have to have a fatal heart attack?

It is most common that a persons FIRST heart attack is a fatal heart attack! Only a small minority of people who have a heart attack survive to have another, and a very few will have multiple heart attacks before they have a fatal one. As such, it is very important that we make lifestyle choices while we are young that will reduce the lilihood of a heart attack when we are older.

I have the heart attack symptoms but no heart attack. What should I do?

You should get a check-up from your doctor. Go to your nearest doctor right away.

How do you survive a heart attack?

phone an ambulance ...and then chew an aspirin while you are waiting for it to arrive.

Why hole in heart keep coughing?

When the heart is poor, the lungs are often also affected. If the lungs don't work as they should, liquid may seep into them. Coughing is how the body tries to get rid of the unwanted liquid in the lungs.

What should you do if you have a heart attack?

Call 911

When a person has a heart attack he should be?


When a person has a heart attack should be?


Can coughing cause heart problems?

Coughing in and of itself does not cause a heart condition, but it may be a symptom of a heart condition. Lack of breath can sometimes be caused by a congestive heart, or other serious health problems. If you have a chronic, unexplained cough (e.g. not from a cold or choking) you should see your doctor.

Why does blood come out of your mouth when you die after having a heart attack?

Blood does not come out of your mouth if you die of heart attack. Hematemesis (blood from mouth) is mostly due to gastrointestinal pathology. Hemoptysis (coughing of blood from lungs/trachea) is due to pulmonary pathology.

Can people take part in sport after suffering from a heart attack and if so which sport is best suited?

well my grandpa just suffered from a hard attack and he survived but my aunt also just died from a heart attack. if u survive you should stay away from any physical activity you have to wait until your doctor clears you

What are the top 5 heart attack symptoms in men?

The five symptoms include, fatigue and weakness, loss of concussness, chest pain, coughing. These the most common symptoms of the heart failure of men.

How serious is a heart attack?

A heart attack is a very serious, life-threatening occurrence. A person suffering from a heart attack should seek immediate medical treatment if they believe that they are having a heart attack. Failure to do so in time or at all could lead to heart damage or even death.

What are symptoms of a women's heart attack?

The smell of burnt toast is a signal of a heart attack. If you aren't cooking toast and smell this, you should be worried. Sometimes after a heart attack you can lose function of body parts.

When guinea pig is having a heatstroke what do i do shall i call a doctor?

you should call the veterinarian (: cuz ... they are animal people ? idk if a guinea pig can even survive a heart attack =/

What should a person do if she suspects a heart attack?

He/she should call 911 immediately

How does having bronchitis and coughing affect your heart rate?

Coughing and reduced gas exchange in the lungs during bronchitis would increase the heart rate.

Why is an overweight heart attack patient advised to lose weight?

An overweight heart attack patient should lose weight to reduce the strain on their heart. The heart works harder when someone is overweight.

How long can you survive with heart cancer?

heart cancer is a rare disease and is very rare to survive from it. In a rare case like heart cancer, you would be very lucky to survive 12-24 months and if not 6-12 months. Heart cancer is like any other cancer, which is very hard to remove. Heart cancer can kill you just like a sudden heart attack.

Which side should I lie on during heart attack?