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NOT TRUE, the leinholder can repo when you are ONE day in default. Naturally, they want the money and will give you every possible chance to catch up, but DONT wait till the ninteth day. You could be the lucky one that only gets 46 days. Sometimes yes...sometimes depends on what your contract states. Some contracts allow for repossession after 90 days...others after only one day. Generally in practice its about 45-60 days after the payment was not made. Its rarely if ever under 30 days unless you have one of those "bad credit/no credit" outfits. Legally though most contracts allow for reposssession with only a 36 hours after the payment comes due. The one problem with this in practice is an account does not get reported as a past due until you hit 30 days past due. Usually most finance institutions do not begin repossession proceedings until 2 payments become due. Then they come full force. Usually they repossess a vehicle at a place of work during the day or one's home late night or overnight. These are two places where there is less likely to be a confrontation or the owner (soon to be former owner)would be able to chase such person off their property.

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Q: Is it true that your car cannot be repossessed until you are 90 days overdue?
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How long overdue until your vehicle can be repossessed?

Technically the car can be repossessed when your loan becomes 30 days late. The industry standard is to start looking for the car after 90 days. This is for large banks. If you purchase a car at a 'buy here pay here' lot, they WILL take the car on the 31'st day.

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Can a vehicle be repossessed if the payment is 21 days late in New York State?

READ your CONTRACT. IF the contract is in DEFAULT, the collateral CAN be repossessed.

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Can your car still be repossessed if the payment is 30 days late?


How long do you have to redeem your car in California after it has been repossessed?

10 days

Can your car be repossessed before being 90 days late?


How much time in the state of Kansas do you have once you receive notice that your car will be repossessed before the car is actually repossessed?

One Kansas attorney says 20 days and another says 10 days.

What time limit do you have to reclaim a repossessed car in the state of Maryland?

15 days.

How many days does a vehicle have to be past due before it can be repossessed?

three months

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