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Is it unacceptable for a girl to make the first move and ask a guy out?

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2006-12-19 14:24:38

It depends on the guy and the girl. What kind of relationship

are they trying to establish, if any? If the guy is old fashioned,

he may not feel comfortable being asked out. On the other hand, he

might be flattered that the girl asked. No The long and short of it

is, that most guys are simply shy and feel awkward. Young women are

more independent today and the guys can feel threatened. I don't

blame them in many cases. I say yes! Not all women get up on the

femanist plateau and some young women are old-fashioned, shy, and

there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. You could nicely ask

him out to a favorite hang-out or, go to a movie and something to

eat after. Don't live on "what ifs" or "I should have." The way to

ask a young man out is not with blunt confidence, but smile and

pleasantly ask him out on a date. If he feels uncomfortable then by

your body actions he won't feel cornered. No it is not wrong.

Dating practices of today differ widely than yesteryear. Have fun

with it.

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