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Is it unhealthy to eat hot food?


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No, its not unhealthy.


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It means that if you eat healthy food, you will be healthy; if you eat unhealthy food, you will be unhealthy.

Yes.If you eat what is considered a healthy food in unhealthy quantities.

No, chicken is not an unhealthy food is prepared correctly. Fried chicken is not a healthy choice to eat all the time.

Fruits And Veggies And healthier Food. Also, don't eat chocolate and unhealthy food is what you should not eat.

They are physically able to, but it is unhealthy for them to do so.

it depends. if you eat a whole bunch of unhealthy food and just excercise a little then no. if you try to eat more healthy food than unhealthy and you excercise a lot then yes it probably does.

eat more calories from healthy foods. Calories from unhealthy foods will stop u from losing weight.

Not sure what you mean. NO food is unhealthy. What is unhealthy is over indulgence in any particular type of food. Over eat and you gain weight with any resultant health problems.

It isn't unhealthy if you don't have that much of it but its healthier to eat food with vegetibles and making your own healthy recipes

Yes if you are obese and you still eat unhealthy food it is highly possible that you could die

People choos to eat un-healthy because,the un-healthy food often tastes better than the healthy foods. The un-healthy foods include chocolate, cake, ice cream, soda, candy, fast food, hot dogs and pizza. Unhealthy food is usually cheaper than healthier food. Additionally, the high salt, fat, and sugar content that makes many foods unhealthy also makes them addictive.

Hot dogs seem very tasty, but what people don't know is that it is made out of meat fat. It's unhealthy to eat it most of the time because you will obviously get more fat and too much of any type of food isn't good either.

So you don't turn unhealthy like the food your eating. There are tons of bad stuff that can happen to you if you don't eat right. You get fat, you get diabetes, you get heart disease. also, unhealthy crap doesn't usually taste good. for example, Cheese Whiz. that stuff is gross, and unhealthy too.

try not to eat unhealthy food such as chips, chocolate... it is best to eat fruits

No, chocolate is unhealthy but is quite safe to eat.

yes if you eat a lot of unhealthy food and don't exercise.

Unhealthy food like coke, hot chips and burgers are bad for you because they do not keep the body and Brain active and in good working order. Generally, convenient or highly processed food is dangerous to consume. Such food is unhealthy because the companies producing the 'food' places profits before people. They don't care for the links between health problems, like cancer, and diet. Actually, they go to great lengths to hide the links and convince the public to eat without thought or knowledge of the food industry.

One advantage of convenience food is that is it ready to eat. A disadvantage is that the food is unhealthy and processed.

They eat goldfish food, the best place to get it is petsmart.they only eat goldfish food!( its unhealthy for a fish to eat other foods for there diet!)hope it helps!

delicious, hot, spicy, tasty, rich, healthy, unhealthy

yes, unless you have a sensitivity to hot food

Yes, any food can be unhealthy if contamination has occurred. Otherwise, organic food would not be unhealthy.

you have to be able to tell what types of food you can and cannot eat. They also tell whether a food is healthy or unhealthy for you:}

some people do not know if foods are dangerous therefor they eat unhealthy. some people do not know if foods are dangerous therefor they eat unhealthy.

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