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I suppose it matters how often you've been out and the level of intimacy you've achieved so far. And not all guys are horn dogs. Perhaps he is not very aggressive in pursuing sex. He may be waiting for overt signals from you that you want sex before he makes a move. He may be overly concerned about seeming too forward, or perhaps he lacks confidence and fears being rebuffed by you. Not necessarily. I have been dating my boyfriend for five months and he has yet to pressure me about having sex with him. This could mean that your boyfriend a) respects you and really wants to make sure you are ready for such a serious decision as having sex, or b) isn't in such a hurry that he wants to get you in bed after a month! Are you complaining?! How refreshing that you have found a man that isn't obsessed with getting in your pants! Be happy, and enjoy it while it lasts

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Q: Is it weird if you have been dating a guy for over a month and he hasn't tried to have sex with you?
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