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Is it weird to feel your baby move at 5 weeks?


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2011-01-04 13:28:56
2011-01-04 13:28:56

That is way too early to feel the baby move. You may be feeling extra gas, since you are pregnant. Or possibly the muscles stretching and moving. Most people don't feel the baby move until at least 4 months.

I dont think this is entirely true. yes no one else can feel the baby kick outside the womb till 4 months or so but I felt my baby moving around at 8 weeks along. I have had 3 pregnancy, 1 life birth and 2 miscarriages. so really it all depends on how many times you have been pregnant. if it is your first time more than likely you are only feeling extra gas or muscles adjusting to your new pregnancy body and baby.

I think this is incorrect. Everyone feels their baby move at different times. I have been able to feel my baby move on the inside since 12 weeks and on the outside at 15 weeks because I am so thin and because of the position of the baby. Everyone's body is different, and honestly I would not take advice from other people, you know your body. So my answer is sure it is possible.


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No, you can't feel the baby move at 4 weeks. by 4 weeks the baby hasn't been formed its still an egg - growing into a baby

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If it is your first baby you probably won't feel it move until around 20 weeks.

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Very few pg wormen feel the baby movements after 16 weeks. But it is normal to feel the baby move only after 20 weeks.

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No at 8 weeks the baby is about the size of a raspberry. It would not be possible to feel the baby move that early.

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I am 21 weeks into my pregnancy and i still can't feel my baby move!

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