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If this is a 4-cyl, it is a very in-depth process to replace the seal...removing motor mounts and the majority of engine components to be able to pull the camshaft. If it is necessary, follow instructions for replacing the head gasket on your model. You can replace the seal at the point of removing the Timing Belt.

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Q: Is it worth replacing a camshaft seal on a 97 breeze and how?
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What is camshaft seal?

A camshaft seal keeps engine oil in and dirt/water out.

How do you change camshaft oil seal 95 pathfinder?

how to change camshaft oil seal 95 pathfinder

Why does your 1998 Toyota Camry keep blowing its camshaft seal?

sounds like too much oil pressure, try replacing the PCV valve

How do you fix a shift seal leak from a motorcycle?

try replacing the seal

Which direction to turn to take camshaft bolte off from 1998 Lexus ls 400?

Take off camshaft seal bolts

Camshaft sensor seal Chevrolet tracker?

Not sure what the question is. What, Where etc...

How do you change a camshaft seal on a 1992 Honda civic?

very carefully

How do you change torque converter seal on 1998 Plymouth breeze?

You have to pull drive shaft and take off trans- the front pump seal is on the front of the trans behind the converter. It looks just like the one at the end of your tail shaft. Except for the labor, replacing seal itself is easy once you get to it. If you are mechanically inclined and have the tools, you can do it yourself.

What seal needs replacing if transmission is leaking fluid?

Whatever seal the fluid is coming out.

Why would there be oil in your camshaft sensor on a 1997 dodge neon?

Rear camshaft seal bad. Replace. located behind cam sensor.

How do you remove camshaft thrust plate from RB30 motor?

remove the seal and slide it to the side

How do you stop oil from getting past seal causing blue smoke?

Replacing the seal is the only good, permanent way. The seal is old, cracked and leaking.

What is the worth of a 2 dollar blue seal 1918?

What is the worth of a red seal 2 dollar bill

What should be replaced when changing a timing belt on a Honda accord?

Belt, tensioner, idler pulley, H2O pump, camshaft oil seal, crankshaft oil seal, oil pump drive seal and gaskets.

How do you install a camshaft seal in a 1988 Plymouth reliant 2.5l?

youtube that sh*t bro haha

How do you replace the rear main seal in a 1996 Plymouth Breeze?

Pull transmission, pull old seal from around crankshaft with seal puller, install new one with special tool/arbor, install trans.

Oil still leaks after replacing valve cover gasket on 1999 Toyota Camry. What could be the problem?

It could oil pan gasket, or camshaft oil seals, or rear main seal (crankshaft), or crankshaft front seal, or oil pump gasket, or oil pump seal. I would start with the oil pan gasket. Before doing anything make sure that climb under the car and check where the oil coming from.

Is it hard to change a rear main seal on a 1999 Plymouth Breeze?

a lot of work. the transmission has to be removed.

Is there an alternative to replacing a head gasket in a Mitsubishi Montero?

Heal-a-seal-google it

I need to replace a rear differential seal on an 1989 dodge d100 Any suggestions?

Replacing a rear differential seal is easy. All you have to do is unbolt the shaft and take out the old seal.

Can you re-use the original factory oil pan gasket when replacing my oil pan?

I would never reuse any gasket they are cheap and its just not worth the chance. It will probably not re seal

How do you replace rear main seal and oil pump on Ram 1500 5.9L?

You can replace the rear Main seal on the oil pump of your Dodge ram 1505.9 L pickup truck by removing the camshaft bearing. Once the bearing is removed the seal can be removed with a seal puller. Reverse the process to install the new seal.

Replacing the window door chrome trim and seal on a 1967 vw beetle?


Why is your Land Rover looseing clutch fluid?

seal has gone on slave cylinder, it needs replacing.

Should you have to replace the seal when replacing wheel hubs on a 97 cavalier?