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* I personally would say "Hell, no." What you need to do is find out why he cheated on you with his ex and why or how it got broken off. Communication is the most important thing that will save your marriage. Maybe there is something that you weren't doing that his ex was. Or maybe he is just using you because he knows that he can get away with it. In relationships, when the other mate does not respect you, you need to stop unwanted behavior in its tracks. Put them in check and don't be afraid to tell someone they are being inappropriate with your spouse. If you don't want to get hurt, don't be afraid of confrontation. * What d'ya know! Your ex is not quite over his previous marriage! What's so unusual here? Probably his ex-wife is not quite over him either. Or maybe, she is thinking that he wasn't quite that bad, after all. Or maybe, there is something serious going on? Whatever the reasons, it's not your fault. And whatever the circumstances, you must explore them, discuss them and try to salvage your marriage.

The first thing I would do is to ask him "why?" Maybe he can tell you why this happened. And, if he can tell you, see what can be done to straighten this out. Is it possible that he was not quite "over her"? A failure in marriage often presents personal questions. "What did I do wrong? When did the marriage start to fail? Should I have divorced my ex-wife?"

You must talk this out. Each of you must talk about your feelings. Then you must come to some agreement. Usually a "tit for tat" resolve will work. I'll do this, if you do that. You can find much more on this in Meyer's "Marriages, Shack-ups and Other Disasters" or Gottman's "Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work."

* I would make him fear for his life. This is why you don't marry someone else's partner. I would leave him so quick it would make his head spin....

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If a husband cheated during the marriage and caused the wife to leave can he get the wife to pay him alimony because she has dated since the separation?

No, the parties to a divorce don't have that kind of leverage.

If your husband committed adultrey during the marriage how can you make him pay the debts you've accured during the marriage?

It depends, Are there kids involved? Who started the Debt Husband Vs Wife Income rate?

Does a father have rights if child was born into a marriage but not genetically his?

The law presumes that the husband is the father of a child conceived or born during a marriage, unless/until proven otherwise. So, the husband would have the same rights concerning that child as any other.

Can ex husband change life insurance?

An ex husband can change his life insurance beneficiary IF there is no court order for him to maintain it as it was during the marriage..from a life agent of 24 years

How many women has tiger cheated on El with?

Tiger Woods confessed to cheating with as many as 120 women behind his wife's back during their five-year marriage.

In the lovely bones what family secret does grandma Lynn confess to Abigail during their walk after thanksgiving dinner?

She tells Abigail that Jack, Abigail's husband, cheated on Abigail.

Should you be concerned if your husband of five years has cheated on every girlfriend and cheated on you during your third year of marriage but has since changed his lifestyle?

Repeated behavior is an indicator of future behavior, unless the person has a) admitted they have a problem and b) went to individual or joint counseling and has been honest about the reasons why they did the behavior. If it's something they've done in every relationship they have been in, including yours, it would be hard to have any foundation of trust.

Does Hillary Clinton support same-sex marriage?

Although she stated she opposed same-sex marriage during her 2008 presidential campaign, she has since "come out" publicly as a supporter of same-sex marriage, together with her husband.

Can your husband sell your home from under you and your children after eight years of marriage?

Only if he owned the house before your marriage. If the house was purchased during the marriage, you should be part owner and he would not be able to sell the house without your approval.

What does the laso in a Mexican wedding represent?

The lasso used during wedding ceremonies in Mexico symbolizes the union of husband and wife (the marriage).

Is your husband entitled to some of your pension?

In the US when you get divorced, your spouse is generally entitled to half of your pension that accured during the course of the marriage.

If you have done sex before marriage with your boy friend can your husband identify it during honeymoon?

actually it depends.......... if u have done sex B4 marriage with ur boyfrnd but not less than 6 months B4 ur marriage..............ur husband cant recognize vaginal muscles have tendency to regain their previous contractability and tightness................

How do you verify if your husband in Jamaica father a child during your marriage?

I've been told my husband has a 7 year old daughter from another women. We have been married 23 years and he denies it.

Is it possible for a bacterial mutation to occur my wife's vaginal area resulting in a positive test for Chlamydia when both of us have had no other sexual partners during our ten years of marriage?

No. She cheated on you.

If ex husband is not the biological father does he have to pay child support?

Yes, if: the child was conceived/born during the marriage; or, he signed an acknowledgment of paternity.

Is a man obligated to pay childsupport for a child that's not his durning marriage?

The husband is presumed to be the father of any child who is conceived or born during the marriage. This presumption can be overcome by genetic testing or acknowledgment of paternity.

What does it mean when you dream of an ex husband who is bigger and taller?

This dream suggests that your perception of the ex husband is changing as time goes on. He looms larger in memory - either as better or worse - that he was experienced during your actual marriage.

How does it affect child support to a wife when the husband is living with the mother of an illegitimate child born during the marriage that he is paying child support to her already?


In Oklahoma am I responsible for debt that my ex husband incurred during the marriage if it is in his name only?

Yes, in Oklahoma a spouse is responsible for their exes debt during marriage. If the debt benefited both parties than both parties must pay. An attorney can help you explore your options.

Is a husband responsible for a child born out of wives infidelity in New York State?

Yes, unless paternity is established for the actual father. The law presumes that the husband is the father of any child conceived/born during the marriage.

Can the unemployed wife get spousal support if the marriage was less than 5 years in Wisconsin and the husband abandoned the marriage?

Not likely. * Wisconsin is a community property state. Therefore a spouse is entitled to an equal share of property, income and assets regardless if said spouse was employed during the marriage or how long the marriage lasted.

Was Doris Day a victim of domestic violence?

Yes she and her son were. In 1975, Doris Day revealed that husband Martin Melcher had been abusive during their marriage.

Is a husband liable for a student loan that his wife received during a previous marriage and the loan is in default?

No he is not, my husband and i just went through this last tax season. I have a defaulted school loan from years ago. This past year when we filed our taxes the IRS tried to keep our refund. My husband had to fill out a form and mail it to the IRS stating he was not liable for my loans before marriage. I forget what the form was or what it is called

Can you touch your girlfriend body during Ramadan?

Girlfriend? Before marriage all physical contact is forbidden. After marriage you may hug and give light kisses such as pecks to your wife or husband other than that no sexual activites are allowed.

If your already married when your remarrying someone else will your marriage be legal after your divorced from your first husband or wife?

If you are still married when you marry your new spouse the second marriage will not be legal. Even if you divorce your first spouse during your second marriage, it will still not be legal. You have to be divorced BEFORE you marry again.