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It's always worth getting to know people you're interested in. Even though a romantic relationship might not be possible right away, you might become friends and may even get together later in life.

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Q: Is it worth trying to get to know a person based on romantic interest if you know you will be leaving soon?
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How do you write a interest letter for a fraternity you are trying to get into?

A letter of interest for a fraternity a person is trying to get in should include the interest of the person in the fraternity. Another thing that should be included would be knowledge of the fraternity.

Why is bluto trying get olive oyl away from poepye?

Bluto has a romantic love interest in Ms. Olive Oyl .

How do you be very romance?

Being very romantic involves going above and beyond for a person you like or love. Typical romance can include candlelight dinners and walks on the beach at sunset, but to be truly romantic, a person should put together something special that is particular to the person they are trying to impress.

When a boy bumps shoulders with you is he flirting?

Of course not. It is a possibility, but usually it is a more friendly gesture. If you have enough male friends, you would notice that they do it without trying to imply any romantic interest.

How can you make your guy a romantic?

You can't make a guy do anything. Stop trying to change men. If he wanted to be romantic he would.

Why do men call women sister when they dont really talk to you. Are they just trying to protect you and be friends?

If they call you sister you think fondly of you; as if you are family. They have no romantic interest in you though. They will be your friend and if you do need protection you will get it from them.

Why would a girl ask if you are having a romance?

Probably to see if you're the romantic type. If she's trying to ask you out, she's probably questioning if you're romantic.

What do you do when your husband puts his hands around your throat?

call the cops unless he is trying to be romantic

How do you Mary your sims on sims 2castaway?

You have to flirt with a sim and raise their relationship. (EX. raise it from friend to romantic interest to girlfriend/boyfriend) then, a option should appear, the "Propose" and sometimes, they could reject you...but just keep trying! Hope this helps! :)

What does it mean when your boyfriend kissed the back of your hand?

He is trying to be "Gallant" A word that means romantic and stylish together.

Who would leave their husband on their anniversary?

A very very very angry person, who feels the person they are leaving has never understood how many of their needs have not been met in that relationship, despite trying over and over to explain or ask for change. This person has "had it", and is choosing to leave in a dramatic way, thinking, even though it is "over" perhaps the other person will finally, at least, "get it"...if that other person is you, your asking this question may very likely mean your significant other has made the best choice by leaving.

If your boyfriend is trying to break up with you how do you know?

he is trying to stay away from you or does have interest in you. also remember how he was at the beginning of the relationship to now

Who directed the drama film Center Stage?

The director of the film Center Stage is Nicholas Hytner. The film focuses on ballet dancing and students of a school in New York trying to make their mark. There is also a romantic storyline that follows the lead dancer and her two love interest.

What does it mean when a guy talks to everyone except you?

Clearly, this person maintains no personal interest in you. I wouldn't recommend feeling self conscious and just forget about this person. It isn't likely you'll win someone over if they are actively trying to avoid you.

Why he says I love you while kissing?

That is when he feels comfortable and feels like he wants to say it - he's trying to be romantic.

Pathetic in a sentence?

An earnest amateur actor trying vainly to project romantic infatuation gave a pathetic performance.

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What should you say to your girlfriend when you are trying to tell her that she is the love of your life and you will do anything for her?

whisper in her ear that you love her and she will feel special... romantic!

Who's the girl in the trying to stop your leaving video by dierks bentley?

Her name is Christian Pitre.

What direction would you would you steer your boat if you where trying to get to the Galapagos Islands if you where leaving from Ecuador?


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I'm not trying to be difficult, but I don't understand how you HAVE mortgage interest if you rent. You carry a mortgage on your rented home?

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What are some romantic ideas?

rose peddles, soft music, candles(NO SMOKE ALARM!!!!!!!), and if its a girl your trying to impress let her lead

Is it ok to ask a boy why he likes you?

It depends how you ask him. It is okay to ask him if there is a romantic moment, but it is not ok if you are trying to ask in a rude way.