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Is it worthwhile to get a degree through an online school that only has a license through the State of Wyoming?


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2011-08-13 22:20:16
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States will often issue a license for businesses that are educational in scope. So some schools can say with all honesty that they are licensed by the state. That does not mean they are accredited. It means the state recognizes that they are an educational enterprise. If you transfer to another school, your hours are not likely to be accepted unless they come from an accredited institution. States do not accredit. There is a national organization that designates who can accredit. Go to the Related Link below for the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, for more information.

State licensing is meaningless, regional accreditation is the only type of school worth while.


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A license? For what? Education does not require a license. You need a bachelor's degree before going for a masters.

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Not necessarily a license but, you do need a degree.

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A license is where you have the legal right to work as a cosmetologist, and you need a degree for you to have the license. So you need to take both classes.

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I know that in North Carolina, a teacher with an "A" license means that they have a Bachelors Degree. An "M" license means they have a Masters Degree. Why it is called an "A" license, I don't know.

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