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There are no positive connotations of the word obsession. An obsession is a compulsive preoccupation with something. Obsessions can often be debilitating or, at the very least, interfere with a person's ability to get along and interact with others. Excessive self-love or self-admiration is known as Narcissism and is a well-documented personality disorder. Narcissists don't necessarily have to be handsome or beautiful, however. This web site has many well-developed answers regarding narcissism. But you also asked whether it is "wrong." That implies a moral issue or question. While pride and vanity are linked and known as one of the seven deadly sins, if a person suffers from a pathological psychological condition, it would be unfair to judge him or her as immoral. Yes, I do believe this person can be obsessed with their own looks. I've seen some young men who are always preening, working out, glancing in the mirror, posing and looking in the mirror and constantly aware of their looks and every move they make. I would call this an obsession.

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