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Is it wrong for the media to exploit celebrities?

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To a degree. Actors and other celebrities should know what they are getting into and if it weren't for the media they wouldn't be as popular. At first celebrities love the attention (when it's good) but start to complain when they can get out of hand and it's all over certain TV Programs, magazines and gossip rags. The public is interested in them and thus it's good coverage from the medias perspective. Some celebrities use the media for their own gain. I don't believe that the media should ever invade a celebrities private property, cause bodily harm, cause car accidents (such as the case with Princess Diana) or lie when writing articles on the person. The world has become a place of gossip and sensationalism for their own gain. Some media feel if there isn't any "good juice" to say about a certain celebrity then make something up and the idea of being sued doesn't seem to bother them. i could see why somebody would be excited to see a celebrity knowing that they were on tv and stuff but i think it is just plain dumb for somebody to freak out so bad that they would be able to make money off of a piece of that persons trash i mean they are human too just like you and me and nobody would freak out just to get a piece of your trash or hair or even toe nail clippings so yeah you can be happy to see them but dont be stupid about it!!! == ==

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Does media go overboard covering celebrities in India?

The media goes overboard with covering celebrities everywhere.

Do celebrities hate media?

The question is, do you?

What are the advantages of using celebrities in the media?

I guess to get people interested in the media

Does media or society condone celebrities' scandalous behaviour?

The media for the most part condone celebrities ' scandalous behavior but the paparazzi are responsible for this the media is just nosey and the paparazzi likes to gossip.

What has more media coverage celebrities or the war in Iraq?

Most likely celebrities. I'd bet a lot of money on it.

Why should celebrities marry other celebrities?

Because their relationship and children will be more likely to be the centre of attention in the media.

How does media affect celebrities?

The media has a strong social and cultural impact upon society.This is predicated upon their ability to reach a wide audience with a strong and influential message.The media against the celebrities can effect 100% of teens in the entire world.

Celebrity kids being exploited?

well some celebrities like to exploit their children just for the fame. they want the media to just focus on them. they basically want all of the attention. but you know of course theirs not only this type of exploitation there's sexual exploitation too.

Do electronic media sometimes go overbored covering celebrities?

yes they do...

What is it called when the media swarms celebrities and take pictures of their private life?


Who made celebrites?

The celebrities are usually made by the extraordinary things that they do that appear ordinary. The media usually plays a very important part in making the celebrities.

Why do i keep dreaming about celebrities?

if you dream about celebrities it is because you want to become one One dreams about things that one thinks about frequently. If the dreamer is interested in celebrities and follows them through the media, it is natural to dream about them.

Do the media cover cheating by celebrities differently than they cover cheating by non celebrities?

of course they do. it is logical for them to do so, it is news no matter how ugly it is.they(the media) certainly will not cover my indiscretions if there is any because i am just an ordinary person.

Why media sensationlise but not sensitise?

Media's are always after catchy headlines and news stories .They tries to exploit the story materials .

Where does media go wrong?

Media goes wrong by people changing things and puting in other stuff wich is not true!

Potsitive effects of paparazzi?

A positive effect of the paparazzi is that they help promote the celebrities that they show in the media. Even if the photographs and videos are negative, it gives the celebrities publicity.

Is it correct to say you would love to exploit?

There is nothing wrong with the grammer, to say you would love to exploit. But with context, certain things may be less appropriate than others. For example I would love to exploit a defensive mistake whilst playing football. I would love to exploit children may not be so well received

How does media in your country treat famous people?

The media is really harsh on the celebrities or politicians. They are always ready to find out dirt on these famous people especially celebrities. The media is now just about entertainment for the common man. All they need is a gossip. More often than not they create news just to sensationalize the public and to improve their PR.

How can some media outlets spread wrong or fake news?

Some media outlets can spread wrong or fake news if they do not correct their own biases.

Who promotes copycat behavior in your society?

the media i.e. movies, radio, tv, celebrities, music ect.

What social media site was Sean Combs one of the first celebrities to start using first?


Whose body weight is affected by the media?

Many young girls, because of what they see in the media, will become anorexic or bulimic in an attempt to reach a false "perfect" weight that is portrayed by the media, for instance by models and celebrities.

Which celebrities have a nude photo?

There are huge numbers of celebrities that have nude photos posted online. Some of these post willingly for adult publications but many others are taken without permission and leaked to the media.

What prefix goes with exploit?


What is the meaning of celebrities?

A celebrity is a widely-recognized or famous person who commands a high degree of public and media attention.

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