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Is it wrong for the media to exploit celebrities?



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To a degree. Actors and other celebrities should know what they are getting into and if it weren't for the media they wouldn't be as popular. At first celebrities love the attention (when it's good) but start to complain when they can get out of hand and it's all over certain TV Programs, magazines and gossip rags. The public is interested in them and thus it's good coverage from the medias perspective. Some celebrities use the media for their own gain. I don't believe that the media should ever invade a celebrities private property, cause bodily harm, cause car accidents (such as the case with Princess Diana) or lie when writing articles on the person. The world has become a place of gossip and sensationalism for their own gain. Some media feel if there isn't any "good juice" to say about a certain celebrity then make something up and the idea of being sued doesn't seem to bother them. i could see why somebody would be excited to see a celebrity knowing that they were on tv and stuff but i think it is just plain dumb for somebody to freak out so bad that they would be able to make money off of a piece of that persons trash i mean they are human too just like you and me and nobody would freak out just to get a piece of your trash or hair or even toe nail clippings so yeah you can be happy to see them but dont be stupid about it!!! == ==