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It might be an addiction, there is a such thing. If it bothers your boyfriend, then seek counceling.

2008-12-30 19:06:41
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Is it wrong to always be horny and want sex every time you see girlfriend?

Probably not however if your girlfriend does not feel the same way you should not get pushy about it.

Is it wrong to dance with other guys at homecoming when you have a boyfriend and he wont be there?

It would be wrong if you didn't tell your boyfriend. You always want to approve first with your boyfriend always make the man happy!!!!!!!! :-) L.G

Is it wrong to not be horny?

not at-all. its a great sensation that happens to everyone. the younger you are the more fun it is to be horny.

What answer is always wrong?

Riddle: What answer is always wrong? Answer: Wrong!!

Sweet questions for your boyfriend?

Is the alphabet spelt wrong? I've always thought U and I should be together

Is it ok that your boyfriend has a femle friend?

Yes if they have always been close Otherwise no, it's wrong!:L

When you boyfriend cheat once does it mean he'll do it again?

in my opinion, yes. once a cheater, always a cheater.. i may be wrong

Is it wrong for a woman to feel horny at the sight of two males touching intimately?

Feelings aren't wrong -- they're just feelings.

Is it wrong to be upset that my family hangs out with my ex-boyfriend?


Is it wrong to have a boyfriend at 16?


My boyfriend checked my cell and found messages?

If you had things on there that you know were wrong then you are going to have to face the music. Lying and cheating are wrong and when doing so you always get caught. Learn from your behaviour and this mistake.

Why are meteorologists always wrong?

Meteorologists are not always wrong.

What if you don't have a boyfriend?

Then you don't have a boyfriend I don't see anything wrong with that.

Why is your boyfriend always wrong?

because girls are a tiny bit more smarter than boys and boys don't know much By Shadchuah

Boyfriend is always sick to his stomach. Every day and night. Is there something wrong with him?

being sick to your stomach is a common symptom for many things. If it becomes problematic, it would be worth going to the doctor to be checked out. It could be something, it might not be.

If you did something wrong in your life but before your relationship with your boyfriend but you told him but he did'nt forgive you and left you?

is it wrong or right to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend about something wrong you did before you met?(before your relationship together) is it wrong or right to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend about something wrong you did before you met?(before your relationship together)

Is there something wrong with you if you can't get a boyfriend?


Is it wrong to be with your boyfriend?

It depends on the circumstances.

Is there something wrong if a 14 year old can't get an erection easily?

No. It just mean you are not easy to get horny.

Is it wrong to spend nights with a boyfriend?

I do not think it is wrong. But that is my opinion, others might have theirs!! I mean, I have had sex with my boyfriend before!! It's fun!

What words most likely indicate a wrong answer in the answer choices on tests?

Absolute words, "never," "always," "every," or "none", are rarely found in a correct option. Be aware of words like "never," "always," "every," "none," and "not" because they can determine the correct answer.

What is the meaning of 'A guilty mind is always conscious'?

means that every person who has done a wrong thing is always concioous about that.. and doesnt want others to know it...

What is it to if your boyfriend prioritizes DOTA than YOU?

It just means that your boyfriend prioritizes his friends over you. But if you want your relationship to work, you'll need to give him his space too. He will not always be at your beck and call. However, if your boyfriend is completely ignoring you and everything else in his life, then you know something's wrong.

Why does my boyfriend always ask me if im cheating?

Either he does not trust you, or he is feeling guilty about something he is doing wrong. Your best bet is to talk to him about it. And if you are cheating, then you know why he is asking you.

How do you know when youre boyfriend is cheating on you?

There are always signs to a guy cheating on a girl. When a guy stops talking to you or tells you they want to be friends means something is wrong.