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She cant help it if he calls her but surely he wouldn't call her if he knew that she didnt want him to? make sure that she is not giving out the wrong signals to him. If she is, its ok to talk to her about it, otherwise its his problem

AnswerYes because she isn't the one calling him...It's her ex who still likes her..not the other way around..
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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:19:20
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Q: Is it wrong to argue with your girlfriend about her ex-boyfriend who she broke things off with for you if he's always calling her even though she never hangs out with him?
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What do you say when you call your girlfriend on the phone?

There are many things a boyfriend could say when calling his girlfriend. He could ask how her day went and if she wants to go out to dinner.

What constitues a bad girlfriend?

AnswerOne that doesn't put out.(^--I lol'd.)Look there are a million things you can do to be a bad girlfriend but not a million things you could do to be good so here is a good girlfriend:Loves you, is nice, dose not flirt with other boys and is always there for you. top 4 things a good girlfriend dose.

How do you know if your ex has a new girlfriend just to make you jealous?

he would drop hints saying that she always does this or that and that you never did those things.... He makes sure you know about it by calling you and talking about her or somehow else letting you know they are together, without you asking.

Is your girlfriend loving you?

You can know if your girlfriend loves you by her actions and the things she says to you. If she enjoys spending time with you, respects you, and always helps you out when you are need, then she really does love you.

What happens when you and your girlfriend try to stop girl who is jealous of you and starts calling you bad things because you picked your own girlfriend insted of her?

The girl absolutely has no business to interfere in you two's life. Brush her off by ignoring her.

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Just be faithful, give him lots of hugs and kisses, do things that he likes and always be there for him when he needs you.

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The best thing to do in this case is to tell your guy friend that you don't like it when he calls constantly. Tell him that you don't always have time to talk and that you don't want to feel like you are on check. Just be honest and things will improve.

Why doesn't your boyfriend listen to girlfriend?

usually they have other things on there mind. But a good boyfriend will always listen to there girlfriends

Why is a guy always buy things for a girl but doesn't want anything back from her and not even to be his girlfriend?

so she will know that he is always there for her and that he loves her and all he wants is for her to know that

What does it mean when your girlfriend always talks about you?

That depends what she talks about. If she talks good things about you then that means she really likes you. If she talks bad things about you then that means she really doesn't like you.

How do you get a girlfriend Can u make 50 ways to get a girlfriend?

Well getting s girlfriend will involve several things. You will need to go out and start making friends, start talking to girls and texting with them. Always be respectful of each girl you meet.

What do you do when a guys always calling you babe and hunny and always calling you pretty?

If you are comfortable with him calling you these things then you should revel in the attention. Accept the compliments, boost your confidence but if you are uncomfortable then you should let him know. Tell him that you don't want to be called pet names and you'd rather be called by your own name as you feel it sounds better. Say it nicely and there shouldn't be a problem.

What are some things you can talk to your girlfriend about on the phone when shes sad and wants you to make her feel better?

tell her how you feel about her and you always got her back when she needs a shoulder to cry on you can always count on me to be there so don't be sad i always be there;]

How do you get your girlfriend to do things for you?

By asking

Sexual things to do with your girlfriend?

Things that she is comfortable doing!

What is great about having a girlfriend?

It is somebody to talk to that understands you. It is somebody that will always take your side. It is somebody to share things with. It is somebody to be physical and intimate with that cares about you.

How do you have a clean relationship with an ex-girlfriend?

You have a clean relationship with your ex by not doing things to her to harm her like my sisters ex boyfriend.. he is always threatning her to come over to our house at night and make a big scence..Don't do that

Your boyfriend has not talked to you in more than a week should you break up with him?

Take it from a guy that had a girlfriend for 2 and a half years. I basically stopped calling my girlfriend for about a month because of a few things I heard about. Basically I broke up with her after some time. It is all what you feel, but if you feel it is for the better, then do it.

What does a girlfriend get a boyfriend for Christmas?

Things that is useful to her. Things that she loves.

How can girls be annoying?

well if the girl is always calling, you interupting you, follwing you, always where you are and if a girl is not like that at all then she is not annoying but for the girls reading this its okay to speak to guys just don't do the following things i just named of. I agree

How do you tell if your girlfriend is going to have your first kiss with you?

One thing you can do is just confront the girl and ask her! She's your girlfriend! you should feel comfortable asking her these kind of things....If its not THAT kind of a relationship watch her reactions when she with you: does she get closer to you when talking, does she always smile at you, does she always flirt with you, is she concerned when you are concerned?Also, you can always talk to her friends that know her best and see what they think

How do you talk and act with an exboyfriend on the phone that you havent heard from in one month and you want to get back together with him but don't want to push him away?

Keep things casual and simple.

How do You Spend time with your girlfriend in school when Your always with your friends and she's always with hers?

Schedule time to hang out with your girlfriend alone I guess. You can ask her sometime when you're together if she'd like to hang out with you one lunchtime? Just tell your friends you (or your girlfriend) wants to hang out with each other this time. You can tell her about all the funny things your friends did, so they don't rival each other or anything.