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Absolutely not. Most women are born with a nurturing side to them and that is why it is so close to raising a son. Basically, women look after the home, raise children, fix bruised knees, cuts, are psychiatrists, nurses, all rolled into one. It is in our nature to want to take care of your boyfriend (a good sign) and one that will keep him coming back to you. Most of us like to be taken care of once in awhile and we like to be cuddled and treated with care. We hurt out there in that big scary world. Keep up the good work! Not wrong, but maybe dysfunctional. Look up codependency and see if anything you read about it rings a bell. You may have a family cycle of codependency. It is hard to break it too. Becoming aware is the first step and then you've got a chance.

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Q: Is it wrong to feel the kind of love for your boyfriend that you would feel for a little kid and always want to take care of them?
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