Is it wrong to give a dog treats every time she comes in from going to the bathroom especially if you're having a problem with her peeing in the house?

not necessarily, but i would not give treats IN the house... bring them outside and as she is going to the bathroom (outside) give her the treat. This was she associates the treat with the OUTdoors potty break, and not going INdoors. There is never anything wrong with giving your pets treats, unless it's right after they do something wrong. Giving your pet a treat "just because you love them" is just as good as giving them a treat for saving an orphan from a burning building. Dogs usually only associate food rewards with events in the immediate past, so in the dog's mind he may think you are rewarding him for coming back into the house. In anticipation of getting the reward, he MIGHT start coming back to the house before he's ready, in other words, before he's finished his "business." I would just praise the dog while he's in the act of relieving himself, and save the food rewards for teaching tricks or something he does not ordinarily do on a routine basis. Give praise every time, and only an occasional treat. (You still want the dog to obey you on occasions when you have no treats handy, right?) answer well sorda if you give it to them all the timeit will think that he can just grab one any second and maybe start getiing spoiled if her rarely does it and he does do IT then he needs a treat but if he usually does just every once in a while