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If either of you are in a new relationship yes. If you have to ask the question, then I think you already know what the answer is.


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Just be sincere, keep eye contact, and that's it really. It's just up to him to believe you or not.

It usually means he wants to keep some kind of contact with you because he likes to touch you. or he probably just wants you to know he is interested

Well u just like him but although u like him that ur bestfriends boyfriend so just keep it quiet.

Some people cant keep a Boyfriend because they don't know how to. Somepeople are just supid. That's why most of the time they cant find a Boyfriend at all.

Try and not talk to him every day, but still keep contact. Hang out with your friends to keep yourself busy and get your mind off of him.

That depends on just how controlled you want to be by your boyfriend. If you allow him to decide who your friends are or aren't, then how far is that from your boyfriend deciding which members of your family you can see or not, if ever. If you want to keep the friend, then keep the friend. Your boyfriend can only make you as unhappy as you allow him to make you.

because ha want's to be your boyfriend or he just want's to know

Because most guys are just douches

Just ignore it if you react they'll keep bothering you so keep you're feelings away from them

Just say I have seen your facebook pics and I don't think you should keep them on there because they don't show how good looking you are and people might get the wrong Idea from some of them and think your not good looking which would be wrong

It is wrong to keep double relationships. It means cheating, and it can lead to end of the your marriage.

DEFINETLY NOT! He should accept you just how you are! if he cant then perhaps its time to find a new boyfriend.

keep it cool and act liike it dont bother you

i think so , it helps them keep in contact with you if anything goes wrong.

if its in a long didtance relationship i very much dought it, if you keep in contact with him and talk to him now and again you will be not be forgotten at all

their is nothing wrong with the Gp they just like to hide and keep cosy!

Hes using you. Maybe to show of to his friends or maybe jst to have a gf.

It depends on your circumstance! Lying is lying and no matter how you look at it's wrong! He probably lied to impress you, keep that in mind, in the end he's still your boyfriend!

This was wrong and I'm sure your aware of that and this is going to change your relationship with your friend but you have to be honest with her and tell her. Then you will have to keep your distance from her boyfriend. Friends do not do such things to other friends and I'm not saying you were the only one in the wrong because he cheated on his girlfriend as well.

she does (as everyone does) but her mum had a boyfriend when Tracy is growing up, so we gather that the dad does not wish to keep in contact with Tracy.

Yeah it's wrong and if you want to keep your boyfriend you should stop. It's better to tell him that way you guys can work everything out.

Chances are if he won't talk to you it could already be implied you two are not a couple anymore and just let it be, move on and don't accept any type of contact from him as well as keep your distance from him and just go about living your life without him in it - it is not worth the time and effort to try and contact him for what you already can assume.

ANSWERWhat you should definitely keep with your boyfriend are the personal things you guys do together alone. However, if you really trust your friends there shouldn't be a problem talking to them about your relationship with your boyfriend. Make sure your boyfriend is cool with it or you'll have problems. Good luck with your relationship

your doing nothing wrong they just cheat in play with you so they won't get hurt. your doing nothing wrong they just cheat in play with you so they won't get hurt.

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