Is it wrong to mistreat your ex-girlfriend to get your girlfriend to act right?

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2010-10-26 22:03:50

Mistreating anyone is always wrong.

I'm also very puzzled by the question. Are you saying that you

want to show your present girlfriend that you know how to punish

other girls and be nasty to them? If so, who gave you the right to

punish anyone?

yes! it is very wrong! it is a very threatening and aggressive

behavior that is used as a method of control. all it does is show

the new girlfriend that she better now act bad or she will get get

punished too! how sad. men need to understand than women are not

objects and that relationships are built on trust and equal

partnership. Im sure the guy would HATE it if the girl acted the

same way to him!

Why the hell would you mistreat your EX-Girlfriend it just shows

her that if you break up with her then you'll treat her the sme way

when another girl comes along

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