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Is it wrong to say bull cow?


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Yes. For one, there's no such thing as a "bull cow," and two, a cow is never a bull nor is a bull ever a cow. Cows are mature female bovines, whereas bulls are intact male bovines. It's either or, not one with the other.

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Bull ..... the cow mates with a bull!!

The opposite gender of a bull is a cow.

Bulls are male cowsWhen a bull and a cow (all cows are female)'mate' if the cow has a 'male' cow its called a 'bull'

A steer or bull cow is a male cow. The female cow is usually called a heifer. A dairy cow is sometimes called a milker.

No. A bull is the male counterpart of a cow, not a "type" of cow. Bulls aren't cows, technically speaking.

A cow is a mature female bovine that has already had at least two calves. A bull is a male bovine that is used to breed cows. Therefore, a bull mates with a cow to produce a calf that has a 50% chance of growing into a cow or a bull.

A bull seal and a cow seal have seal pups.

It takes two to five seconds for a bull to copulate with a cow.

Only by the cow, it is never ever determined by the bull.

Bull cows don't exist. It's either a bull or a cow. And a bull or a cow can be a bovine, yes, but it can be another animal like an elephant, a moose, a bison, buffalo, rhino, etc.

Yes there is such thing as a non milking cow in other words a non milk producing cowthere is aDairy CowBeef CowBullBut a bull is a male so we can cross bull out BULL a dairy cow produces milk so we can cross that out too DAIRY So the non milk producing cow is a Beef CowI Hope this helped!!

A bull is the male form of a cow.

There is no such thing as a "bull cow." Either you are talking about a bull, or a "cow" which would be a weanling heifer. As such this all depends on the breed of that animal.

There is no such thing as a "female cow" nor a "male cow." "Cow" refers to the female of any species including the domestic bovine, and is not a name of a specific animal. The male of a domestic bovine is called a bull, and the female (mature) a cow. To answer your question, it is the bull that is the larger of the two in most cases, such as within breeds and when the bull and the cow are the same age. But, if you compare between breeds, such as if the bull is a Dexter and the cow a Holstein, or if the bull is much younger than the cow, then the opposite may be true.

Yes. A cow is the opposite sex of a bull within the same species.

No. Also, there is no such thing as a "bull cow." It's either a bull (an intact male bovine used for breeding) or a cow (a mature female bovine that has had at least two calves), but never a "bull cow."

A bull is a male version a female cow is a COW

A bull. A bull is the male counter part of a cow.

The opposite gender of bull (male animal) is usually cow(female animal). For sharks, the term cow is not generally used for females.Cowcow

The Feminine or the female species of a bull is a cow.

The female of a bull - is called a cow.

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