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As humans we all need to feel loved by the opposite sex (in some cases same sex) and don't do well with rejection, but it's a part of life. Often we love someone and we aren't loved back or someone may love you and you don't love them back. Just to pick out the opposite sex (same sex) because you desperately want to feel loved is wrong. You don't "just get love" it just happens and you'll know when the love bug hits you. There are different types of love .... being loved by your parents or friends and loving grandparents. You can love a man or woman in a friendly way (a brother or sister complex.) Nothing wrong with that. Many young women will feel if they get pregnant they will be able to have someone to love .. their baby. I've heard this many times. Part of growing up is finding that person we can love so if you haven't found that special person enjoy the ride and don't be is so much of a rush. When you love someone you will spend the rest of your life with them and that's a long time and it is never a perfect relationship so don't expect it to be. It's hard work to maintain any relationship be it love with a partner, good rapor with your parents and family or love for your friends.

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Q: Is it wrong to want to be in love just to be loved?
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What do you do if the guy you love has a deadly disease?

Just be there for them and make sure they know that they are loved and never pitty them. They just want to be treated normally. Just be there for them and tell them that they are loved never pitty them and treat them like everyone else because they just want to fit in. Love them.

What is the proper way to love a man?

With honesty, loyalty and respect, just as you would want to be loved.

If you would be loved love and be lovable what does this mean?

if you want to be loved you have to give love and be a lovable person.

Whats wrong with love?

nothing is wrong with love exept the accational fight with your lover and disagreements apart from that love is pritty much wonderful you just have to controll the speed,you don't want to rush into anything if you get my drift,just be yourself!x

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Why are some girls so desperate to be loved by a man?

When a girl has been single for a while she starts to see all of her faults. She begins to doubt whether or not anyone could love her. Its really depressing. This is coming from the voice of experience. I became desperate to be loved just to prove myself wrong. When someone loves you unconditionally you see past all your own faults too. It's not just that we're desperate to be loved, it's also that we want to love ourselves.

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What do you mean? Do you want to tell your boyfriend that you love him??? Just do it. Give him a rose with a simple message. He'll get the picture. Then just tell him. "I love you"

Is it wrong to love your crush?

No that is not wrong at all though you might not want to express that unless you know they feel the same way. Love is very powerful and can take more time for others. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with it

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