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== == * I believe it is not wrong unless that person really wishes that you would wear your own own underwear based on the circumstances. If you feel it is right or feels good, then you should, but if she feels that you are not doing the right thing and expresses it with deep concern you should stop doing it. * It isn't wrong, but isn't hygienically good to wear someone else's underwear even if they are washed. Remember, when you go into a store you can't try on panties for the reason of hygiene so I suggest you don't get into this habit and buy your own.

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Is it wrong for a man to wear womens underwear?

Means panty? Not wrong, but washed and suitable size to wear.

Is it wrong for a boy to wear women's underwear and feel comfortable in them?


Is it wrong to wear friends underwear?

Yes it it very wrong and you should not do it unless you go out with them

When not to wear a thong?

The only time it would be wrong is if anyone knew what type of underwear you have on. Underwear should be your 'secret' and because of that, there is no wrong time.

Can you wear underwear?

Yes you can.Another answer!I don't know, can you?

Does Amanda Bynes wear underwear?

No she does not wear underwear!

What colour underwear does Joe Jonas wear?

none he doesn't wear underwear!!!!!!!!!!! none he doesn't wear underwear!!!!!!!!!!!

Do female ballet dancers wear underwear?

When you start off you can wear underwear, but typically female ballet dancers do not wear underwear.

What do underwear models wear?


Man should wear underwear or not?

Yes. You should wear underwear!!

Do matadores wear any underwear?

Yes, matadores wear underwear.

Do wrestlers wear underwear?

Most wrestlers don't wear underwear.

Can cheerleaders wear no underwear?

yes, but most wear underwear/thongs

Do cheerleaders wear underwear?

Cheerleaders do wear underwear. The then put bloomers on top to prevent their underwear from showing.

Did Roman Women wear underwear?

the Romans did not wear underwear but they may wear a bit of leather

Is it ok to wear girls underwear?

Its okay to wear girls underwear if you feel comfortable in them , but i would buy your own pair from a shop because you could catch something from another person.

What kind of underwear does LeBron James wear?

Lebron does not wear any underwear.

Do you wear underwear with longjohns?

longjohns are long underwear, therefore no, wear them on their own.

Should men wear underwear at the weekend?

i never wear underwear at the weekend and neither does my freind, were only 8! we do wear underwear at school though.

Why did girls ware undereare?

Why do girls wear underwear? The question should not be "why do they wear underwear", it should say," the girls should wear underwear for their protection and their integrity.

You wear your sisters underwear and it makes you hard is this wrong?

yes etremely....stop and never wear it girls that find you attractive and get in their pants.......

Why is it wrong for Christian men to wear a thong and not Christian women?

Wear whatever underwear you like. It is that which is in your heart that counts. PS: It doesn't sound comfortable to me.

Do NBA dancers wear underwear?

i donot thinkk that NBA dancer wear underwear

Do you wear underwear or a thong under lollies for cheering?

I prefer underwear, but you can wear either.

Is it noraml for a boy to like to wear women's underwear?

No. but if its the only underwear you have then wear it, but its not normal