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What is a high level language?

I will do your homework for you . A high level language is a computer language that is more easily understood by a human being than a computer. As opposed to low and intermediate languages (like assembler or binary) a high level language has to be translated or compiled into a format that can b ( Full Answer )

Is SQL a high level language?

Yes, SQL is a high level language, since it allow us to get result without much going into Assembly level instructions, by using interpreter to change our statements/queries into machine level instructions!.

What is High Level Languages and Low Level Languages?

Answer . High-level and Low-level term are used to differ any computer programming language whether it is easily understandable to human or not. High Level Language means the language is easily understandable, and Low Level Language means the language is more to a machine language than human un ( Full Answer )

Examples of high level languages?

Java and C# are all examples of high-level programming languages. High level programming languages separate the programmer from the machine through abstraction, allowing them to focus more upon the software rather than the underlying hardware, which is taken care of by a compiler and/or interpreter. ( Full Answer )

Advantages of high level language?

High level languages are easier to understand and work with,because they are closer to human language. Low level languages aremostly the language of the computer, which is difficult for humansto learn and understand. High level languages are more intuitive.

Example of high level language?

Abel . ABEL . Ada . Algol . APL . BASIC . BCPL . BLISS . C . C++ . CMS-2 . COBOL . COMAL . COMTRAN . FLOW-MATIC . Forth . Fortran . GOTRAN . Java . JOSS . Jovial . Lisp . Logo . MAD . MATH-MATIC . Modula-2 . Occam . Pascal . PL/1 . PL/M . Postscript . Prolog . RALPH . ( Full Answer )

Types of high level languages?

High level programming languages present advanced abstraction thatmakes it easy to write codes. They include Java, PHP, C plus plusand C sharp.

What is High Level Language Programs?

High-level language programming is usually a mixture of words or phrases of the English language. High-level languages have several advantages over machine or assembly languages; they are easier to learn and use, and the resulting programs are easier to read and modify. A few of the High-level progr ( Full Answer )

Does the JAVA programming language belong to the high level language?

Yes. The easiest way to categorize a programming language as "high level" is to actually determine whether or not it is a low-level language. The typical definition of a low-level language is one which does not require a compiler or interpreter to run. Basically, a high-level language is one whic ( Full Answer )

How do you define High level language?

Computer programming language designed to be easily written and read by humans familiar with problem subject matter not the specific architecture of any specific computer. High level languages are usually designed to be portable to many different computers. High level languages are either compil ( Full Answer )

Disadvantages of high level language?

I takes a big knowledge about that compiler. The programmer should be well educated person to do with this language.

Advantages of high level languages?

One advantage is programmer efficiency. Potentially hundreds of functions and standard routines are already coded at the 'machine' level, so that a clearly written language can help the programmer create useful, powerful applications. You might have "ultimate power and control" if you write in machi ( Full Answer )

What are some high level languages?

It would be helpful if you would explain what you mean by a 'high level language'. It's not a term that linguists use.

What are the characteristics of high level languages?

What is high level programming language? The programming language that are close to human language are called high level programing languages. The characteristics of high level languages: . Easy to learn . Easy to find errors . Machine-Independent . Availability of Library Functions ( Full Answer )

What are the disadvantages of high level language?

Though it is much easier to code in a high level language, oftentimes access to more low-level functionalities are lost. For instance, the ability to communicate directly with the compiler and alter code before it gets transferred into machine code is lost. An example of this is the ability to optim ( Full Answer )

What are high level programming languages?

All high-level languages have a high level of abstraction betweenthe source code and the machine code produced by the language'scompiler and/or interpreter. Conversely, a low-level language hasvery little abstraction; instructions typically map 1:1 with themachine code produced by the language's ass ( Full Answer )

What are the disadvantages of high level languages?

In low level langauges like Assembly, you are working with the lowest possible chunks of code you can, machine code. The higher the level of a language, the more abstractions you use to organize ideas, and therefore, the less efficient it can become. For example, a regular integer in C or C++ on a 3 ( Full Answer )

Advantage of high level language?

for a better understanding of the end user. hiding of the internal hardware of the system and how the hardware is implemented i.e any high level language is a system software and works as if the end user is working with the data to be computed even if the data is internal computed in bits.

What is high-level programming languages?

A few of the High-level programs are Ada, Algol, BASIC, COBOL,BCPL, C, C++, Smalltalk, Simula, Java, PL/1, PL/M. FORTRAN, LISP,Pascal, Modula-2, Occam, IAL, Jovial, CMS-2 and also Prolog.

Use of high level language?

Scripting languages are high level languages used for systematicdevelopment. They are high-level because you can easily manipulateother programs with them. They have build-in memory management,pattern matching, etc.

What are the languages called high-level languages?

Low level computer languages require the programmer to know the the assembler language for the computer CPU targeted. They are assembled directly into machine code for that CPU type and no other. High level computer languages are closer to human language (or mathematical notation) and the code wr ( Full Answer )

Why HTML is a high level language?

An important thing to not is that HTML is not a programming language. It is a markup language. It is high level in the sense that it has English-like keywords, known as tags or elements, and it has Englis-like attributes. That makes it easier to use for people. Low level is when the language is in a ( Full Answer )

Is C is an High Level Language?

c is basically middle level language.assembly level language is the low level language which is the close to computers.C language comes in the category of middle level language with other languages like pascal,fortran.The successor language of C i.e. C++ and Java are high level language. Because the ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of high level language?

High-level languages are more portable than low-level languages and favour the programmer rather than the machine. Low-level languages are machine-specific, and every architecture has its own specific version of low-level assembler. In order to be portable, the low-level instruction sets must match ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of high level language?

As far as the military is concerned, a High Level Language are those that are most distant from English. (For example, Korean is different from English in ways such as written alphabet, grammatical patterns, and sentence structure, so it is in the highest language category the military has.)

What is high level programming language?

High Level language is a programming language which is hide the detail machine language. High Level Language is use friendly language. user can work on it easily and efficiency.

What is Java byte-code level language?

Java's bytecode would be referred to as an intermediate language, as it is neither human readable source code nor is it code which can be directly executed by a processor.

What is high level languages and low languages?

High level language needs compiler to convert source code into nearly equivalent machine code & then loader makes it a fully executable machine code.High level these are not machine dependent. low level languages are machine dependent, specific to microprocessor(like 8086). It requires assembler tra ( Full Answer )

What is high-level language compiled?

Compiling a high-level language means that the high-level source code (what is typed by the programmer) is being converted to machine code (binary, i.e. 0's and 1's) that the local computer can execute. In interpreter languages, the source code is first converted to byte code, which is either run di ( Full Answer )

How many high level languages are there?

There is no way to count, but there are many. Although there are a few that are popular and well-known, there are others that were once used and have been mostly abandoned. There are some languages that are written for specific purposes and known only to people who work in those specialties. And man ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by a high level language?

A high-level language is a programming language that is readable and understandable by human beings who are not necessarily programmer-language-literate.

What are high-level languages?

High-level languages are one of two major types of programming languages. They are similar to English and easier for humans to understand; as opposed to low-level languages which are similar to machine language.

What are the of modern high level languages?

There are many high level languages are there but the languages that are used now a days in any company is VB .NET, C# .NET, ASP .NET, HTML, Java, SQL.

Is Java-script a high level programming language?

Yes. Javascript is an interpreted language and supported by a runtime system which provides garbage collection (those are two criteria commonly used to distinguish high-level languages). In addition, Javascript is an object-oriented language (albeit with an unusual inheritance model) and a functi ( Full Answer )

Is jQuery a high level language?

jQuery is like an advanced JavaScript code. jQuery is a JavaScript code library that gives you more features with less code that what Javascript would require. If you understand JavaScript, jQuery wouldn't be much of a change.

Is cobol a high-level language?

Yes. Any computer language that can be translated (compiled or interpreted) into a lower machine-level instructions (assembly or machine codes for example) is considered to be a high level programming language

Why Java is called high level language?

Low level computer languages require the programmer to know the machine code or assembler language for the computer CPU targeted including low-level functions like memory allocation and memory deallocation. A high-level programming language is a programming language with strong abstraction from the ( Full Answer )

What is meant by high level language in IT?

The processor can basically understand instructions only in binary format. However for the programmer it would be difficult to write the complete source code in binary( 0 and 1) format and also it is more susceptible to error. To solve this problem of the programming world, certain languages were i ( Full Answer )

Why java language is called an high level language?

because java is coming in 3rd generation can support any platform which runs any operating is platform independent.thatswhy java is called highlevel langauge

What are high and low level languages?


Why do you have high level programing language?

High level programming languages offer a very high ratio of machine instructions over language expressions. In other words, a few high language statements can accomplish a lot, allowing the programmer to focus on solving the specific application's problem rather than reinventing the proverbial whee ( Full Answer )

Is java high machine language?

Java is not machine language. Java is considered a high-level language, at least as compared to machine language.

What are high- level languages?

High-level languages are languages that have little or no dependency upon the machine architecture. Code is written with a high-level of abstraction (hence they are classed high-level) which makes it much easier to port the same source code to any machine that has a compatible compiler or interprete ( Full Answer )

Is java is high level language?

yes, java is high level language because to run it we requires jvminterpreter. In case of c language there is no need to interpretit...

What is high level languages in computer?

The way a computer works is by special switches opening and closing each other in special ways, much in the way that the wheels in gears control each other's turning. This doesn't sound like much, but it is enough for the computer to get data, calculate answers to problems, and output the answers wh ( Full Answer )

Why javascript is high level language?

Because that's what it's called. There's not really any kind of "decision" to make involved incalling something a high level language. If it's not raw bytes(machine code) or maybe assembly language, it's a "high levellanguage."

What is the disadvantage of high level languages?

The only real disadvantage of high level languages is that theymust be converted to machine code in order to execute. However,machine code is extremely difficult to work with; we use high levellanguages because it makes it easier to both write and maintainprograms.