Is jealousy a bad thing

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no it is not a bad thing but it is not a good thing! i think it is just natural!

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Q: Is jealousy a bad thing
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A sentence with the word jealousy in it?

You have a bad character trait of jealousy.

What are the release dates for Jealousy a Bad Counsellor - 1910?

Jealousy a Bad Counsellor - 1910 was released on: USA: 17 January 1910

Why do friends say bad things about you?

because they have jealousy

How do you use the word jealousy in a sentence?

Her jealousy for her sister began to boil.Her jealously was not attractive.Jealousy will only lead into despair.

Is the jealousy key of success?

Jealousy is never a good thing. It's very evil in the sight of the Lord. You'll have success once you overcome it.

What were that bad things about the greek goddess Athena?

She has extreme jealousy issues sometimes.

What is the bad effects of competition in sociology?

Jealousy, maybe violence, anger/hate

What are some of the negative action to jealousy?

Jealousy could drive a person crazy & force them to think the worst , that could be bad when trying to start a relationship because jealousy leads to trust issues & what's a relationship without trust ?

Is Jesus a jealous God?

Jesus is God. God said "I am a jealous God". As we tend to view jealousy as a bad thing. However, God has every right to be jealous of our misplaced affections, since he is Holy.

Is idoltry and jealousy the same thing?

No it is not. Idoltry is more like being obsessed with something. Jealousy is kind of like wanting something that someone else has. Or it could be like you thinking that your blessing from God was minescule (sorry for bad spelling) compared to a blessing God gave to someone you know and wanting it. I hope that helps. :)

Why is hunting a bad thing?

Hunting is not a bad thing.

Is no a bad thing to say?

No is not a bad thing to say, but if you use it in a mean way, then it is a bad thing to say

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