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Tamina and Santino are only dating in storylines. They have never nor most likely will never be together in real life.

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Q: Is jimmy superfly snuka's daughter dating wwe wrestler santino?
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Who is WWE wrestler santino dating?


Who is the wrestler santino marella dating?

Beth Phoenix

Is jack swagger dating Beth phonix?

No Last Boyfriend Beth had was Santino Marella who is now dating Tamina daughter of Jimmy Superfly Snuka Jack has a girlfriend in Oaklahoma You are confusing storyline with real life. In real life Santino and Beth never dated nor is he dating Tam. In real life Beth is dating CM Punk

Who is Nick santino dating?

nick santino not dating anyone at the moment :)

Is santino dating kelly kelly?

no he is dating Beth

Who is santino dating?

It is Tamina, but in storyline.

Who is JTG dating?

JTG is a professional wrestler whose real name is Jayson Anthony Paul. He has one daughter but there is no mention of him dating as of June 2014.

Is santino marella dating maria kanellis?

No! it was just a stupid storyline, i mean i love Maria she's my favorite diva ,but she did NOT love Santino and neither does Beth, Santino might've actually thought Maria was hawt, but who could think Santino was hawt? So, sorry but it was only fake.

Are Santino Marella and Maria still dating?

they never went out

Is Adam Copeland dating anyone right now?

As of June 2014, Adam Copeland is dating fellow wrestler, Beth Phoenix. The couple had a daughter together earlier this year.

Maria dating santino marella?

Yes Maria broke up with Santino why do you think they had a match last week on Raw and Santino got attack by most off the WWE Divas(lol) October 2008 Maria and Santino never dated in real life. It was storyline only.

Who is maria kanellis boyfriend?

She Is Dating No One But Was Dating CM Punk Ages Ago In The OVW Times, And Was Not Dating Santino! It Was A Storyline