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Who is stronger the great khali or big show?

John Cena

Is john cena better than the great khali?

Some people think that john cena is better than the great khali ...................................................................................... But some people think that the great khali is better............... I think that john cena is better than the great khali...............

Who did the great khali first lose to?

John Cena in 2007

Did john cena beat the great khali in a triple threat match?


Can john cena beat up the great khali?

yes John Cena once picked up the Great Khalia in a match on RAW

Who gave the great khali his first pin fall n 2007?

john cena

Who wins at judgment day The Great Khali or John Cena?

I think they are going to have John Cena win because most people are expecting The Great Khali to win. I think that John Cena might have to use a steel chair or something kind of weapon and get intentionally disqualified. If he does this, then he will automactically retain the WWE championship.

Who is stronger cm punk or john cena?

John Cena is stronger

Who is stronger John Cena or betska?

i think john cena is stronger

Who did john cena date last year?

the great khali big daddy v the big show

Who can beat the great Khali in WWE?

John Cena, Mark Henry, Big show and Vladimir Kozlov

How did john cena win against khali in judgment day?

john cena gave khali the stfu but that dind work so he locked him in the belly button twist.khali submitted

Who is Stronger John Cena or John Morrison?

john cena

Who would win in a fight Kane or john cena?

thts a tough 1 but i'd say john cena cuz he F.U.ed or attitude ajustmented the great khali and the big show at the same time so john cena

Who is stronger John Cena or batista?

john cena is much stronger than batista

Who is stronger John Cena or the rock?

John Cena is much stronger than The Rock

Big John Studd or The Great Khali?

The Great Khali

Who is stronger John marisson or John cena?

i think john cena

Who is stronger Rey Mysterio or John Cena?

john cena

Who is stronger john cena or Cody Rhodes?

John Cena

Who is stronger john cena or a navy seal?

John Cena

Is John Cena stronger than edge?

(2010) yes john cena is stronger than edge.

How did john cena win against khali in judgement day?

With an elethant

Who is stronger John Cena or Kurt Angle?

Definitely John Cena.

Why John Cena is not coming to India?

John Cena or any of the WWE or TNA superstars (except the Great Khali) will not be going to India because the WWE and TNA only perform in Japan and the United States.