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Anything is possible if it is in the "best interests of the Child," and both parents are cooperating to ensure this is the result. In Britain if you are an unmarried mother you may confer "Parental Responsibility" on to your partner, if he wishes to assume it. * Joint custody should always be based on what is best for the child. If both the parents get along, there is no domestic violence or other form of abuse hopefully they both will agree to what is best for the child. * In custodial issues relating to unmarried couples, judges are reluctant to grant equal custodial rights to fathers and prefer to follow the "tender-years" theory which is that the birth mother should retain full or sole custody with the father having generous vistation rights. If the parents cannot come to an amicable and equitable agreement on their own, the judge will decide how custody should be granted based only on the best interest of the child.

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Q: Is joint custody possible if the parents were never married?
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Is joint custody possible if parents were never married and the child is under a year in b.c?

yes, see links below

Is possible to have Joint custody if the parents live in different countries?


Who has child custody in divorce when their is no custody set?

The parents have assumed joint custody.

Can a father have joint custody?

Joint custody is between two parents, which are usually a mother and a father.

In Pennsylvania can you move out of state with joint custody?

Joint custody is a court order whereby custody of a child is awarded to both parties. In joint custody both parents are "custodial parents" and neither parent is a non-custodial parents, or in other words the child has two custodial parents.

Can you have one parent sign your DL 44 form if both parents have joint custody?

You need to have BOTH parents sign if they have joint custody.

If two parents have joint custody how many miles apart does the parents need to live from each other?

There are no distance requirements for joint custody.

What is the law concerning child custody of children when married parents are not living together?

There's a presumption of joint custody, however the application of this carries no weight of law.

In Texas if the parents are divorced with joint custody do both parents need to give consent for their underage child to get married at 16 years old?


Do parents have to live in the same state to have joint custody?


How can the father get joint custody of his child?

By petitioning the court to give joint custody to the parents. In most state, Joint Legal Custody is the standard. If you mean Joint Physical Custody, with 50/50 Custody, this is more complicated, requiring preparation similar to petitioning for full custody.

If the parents live in two different cities do they still have the right to joint custody or will the judge order one of them sole custody?

Best Interests of the children. Are you talking about physical custody or legal custody? Visitation schedule? Hopefully the parents can work it out in concilation court. for more details see ANSWER:: my parents are divorced and live three hours away from each other and have joint custody so it is possible.

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