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Q: Is judo an individual or team sport?
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Is judo better than basketball?

In what sense? If you want to learn how to defend yourself, I should think that Judo is better. I mean, what are you going to do with the basketball? Knock your attacker out by bouncing the ball against his head for say, a hundred times? Quite tiring, don't you think? Judo lets light people throw others who are heavier, and not get injured too. But if you want a recreational sport, then I suppose it really is about what kind of fun you want. When you learn Judo, the first thing you need to learn is not how to throw people, but how to fall. It's useful, there's been many times where I would have gotten a concussion if I had not used my Judo breakfall to protect myself. But Judo training is very harsh, getting thrown, doing somersaults (forward-roll, backward-roll, cartwheels, handstands) are a must, because they help you feel how to move and they help you react in the Shiai (matches). Basketball, the training may still be hard, but at the very least you won't be concentrating on being thrown and throwing people. It's more about teamwork but in Judo, it's quite individual when you fight. Hope this helps.

Why is judo an individual sport?

because you mite punch your partner

Is baseball a team sport or an individual sport?


Is trampolinig a team or individual sport?

It Is More Of A Individual Sport Than Not,But Some Time's It Is A Team Sport.

Is curling an individual sport or a team sport?

Curling is a team sport.

Is bobslidding an individual or team sport?

Bobsleigh is an individual sport.

Is boxing an individual or a team sport?

Boxing is an individual sport.

Is curling an individual or team sport?

Curling is a team sport.

Is judo a good sport?

yes judo is a good sport i do judo and it keeps you/me fit!

Is ski jump individual sport or a team sport?

in the Olympics there is both a team and individual event

Is judo a sport?

Judo is a martial art, and is also a sport.

Is curling an individual game or a team sport?

Curling is a team sport.

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